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this listing includes home, living, lifestyles, personal health, fitness, news, weather, and other sites submitted which are intended for general audiences on a variety of topics

Disclaimer - Reviewer Beware: We do not endorse these sites or their products as Good or Bad by virtue of posting them here. All content was authored by the posting party, NOT Web Design & Review. They were posted by their authors specifically for the purpose of a CRITIQUE -- not advertising!

Shoplens Discount Contacts
Brand name contact lenses for a lot less, delivered to your door with great customer service. - Peter Daniel, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
North San Diego Coastal Homes and Condos
Daily updated source of Homes for sale along the coast of North San Diego. I realize that graphics take time to load but potiential clients need many photos of porperties so they can decide if interest it there. I am not as concerned with the load speed as the quality of content and help available to both buyers and sellers. Please tell me how I can improve this aspect and any other that you may feel are important to having a successful site. Thanks much. - Loren Sanders Sr., posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
The Fitted Bedroom Site
The purpose of the site is to provide simple help and advice for people buying fitted bedroom furniture - Peter Earthy, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
Life Support International - Aviation Safety Survival & Rescue equipment
Would like review of site overall, general look & feel. Is oit professional, easy to navigate, ny lost links, confusing areas. Need to redesign the site & would like critcism to make it better for the redesign. We are looking to add eCommerce to the site as well. - Greg Yerkes, posted for review on: November 11, 2005
Nanny Finder
A site for Nanny's seeking Employment and Families seeking a nanny. - Cathryn Nwadigo, posted for review on: November 11, 2005
personal romance and love for dating at
Reliable-dating, matrimonial and matchmaking online portal with users in UK, USA, Canada and Europe. Finding love of your life is convinent with which provides your type out of its huge data base of singles from all over the world. Free membership and psychological test for soul matching are some of the features this amazing loverís paradise is offering. - Asif Khan, posted for review on: November 11, 2005
Nightingale Home Healthcare
Nightingale Home Healthcare offers a broad range of high quality home health care services delivered by qualified professionals with impeccable credentials. Registered Nurses provide skilled care at home for those who are ill or recovering from an illness or injury. We also offer personal care, help with bathing, and transfer assistance with the activities of daily living etc. - Rajesh Relan, posted for review: September 2005


ayurvedic herbal health care
corporate website of an ayurvedic medicine manufacturer and marketer - Posted by: yogeshwar singh, posted for review on: 7/2/2005 - Fun Fitness Products
We sell fitness equipment that takes the boredom out of exercising. Problem: We get visitors, referred from google, who are searching for a GameBike. Only a small amount of those visitors purchase the GameBike. We want to make sure that there is not something at the site that is a turnoff for customers. Please give comments and feel free to be critical. - Posted by: Kevin Colburn, posted for review on: 7/2/2005
Ram Optical Redesign
This is a redesign for a manufacturing company. We found that the old site was dull and needed much improvement. You guys will be great for our review because we want to appeal to markets with little knowledge about our machines/video microscopes. Our main goal was to give distinct calls to action while making sure the site was easy and intuitive to navigate. Thus we broke it down into Learning about the products, finding out how to purchase the product and finally support. The overall purple feel was created for consistent branding following our print material. Is the user interface intuitive? Could you figure out the dimensions on the menu under the Systems page? Did the layout seem logical? Could you find ways to contact the company easily and on most pages? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated not only in design/form/user interface but also any typos you find! - Posted by: Jim Valenti, posted for review on: 7/2/2005
Artsy Chic Designs
This site is a decorating assist site which also sells personalized art in the form of pillows. Please critique the visual flow and ease of use for this site. Thanks - s ballard, posted for review on:
KTBB AM600 - News, Talk, Sports on the Web
Hello, This is the web presence of KTBB AM600 - a radio station located and serving Tyler, Texas. We are a medium size market located about 90 miles east of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I am still somewhat new to web design and content management and I'm hoping to gain some insight into what I can do to improve out site. The purpose of the site is to provide a representation of our station to the public via the web (in the form of personality bios, programming references, an opportunity to ask our general manager questions, etc...) and to offer up some interesting features in the form of weather, traffic and both national and local news. We are an ABC news affiliate so our home page is presented as a portal - with a few news headlines and links to ABC's site for further news. The entire site is hand coded by a staff of one (me). It's updated manually 24/7 with some weekly features (car reviews, poll, etc...). Thank you for your time and I hope that the review I receive will help us to improve. Daffydd Morgan - Daffydd Morgan, posted for review on:
Nutrition and Health Pages by Dr. Anil
I'm developing a website to inform and educate general public on topics of nutrition and general health. I've designed the site myself. Please review. Thanks! --Anil - Anil Kumar, posted for review on:
Quit smoking now !!!
"Quit smoking now !!!" is a tribute to all the 17 years i've been constantly smoking ... i'm over it now ... thought i'll help others follow my steps, too - this is the purpose of the site. I'd like to know if "Quit smoking now!!!" can be considered more then an amateur designer's job - i'd like to know what you think about its "looks", navigation, content, etc. Thanks - teodora vlaicu, posted for review on:
The Place for Eating Out Bargains
The purpose of the site is to inform visitors about special meal deals, discounts etc at restaurants and take aways. There will also be available downloadable vouchers for claiming discounts. Please critique the overall design, layout and style. The design has aimed at being universally viewable with many features in a small screen. The style has been aimed at food. The features are designed to encourage visitor involvement and provide rapid access to what one is searching for. In any case please give your overall opinion. - Muhammad Darr, posted for review on:
Pregnancy Tests
A pregnancy forum containing info for moms, potential parents and anyone in need of pregnancy tests. If you have a baby, young child or are planning on giving birth, this is THE resource for issues about being pregnant. - Francis Visitacion, posted for review on:
Social networking sites link link and rank
Linknrank is a non-commercial site and it aims at providing useful social networking sites information and selecting good sites by making monthly updated ranking chart. Web content includes site stats, editor's site review, latest news and articles on social networking. The ultimate goal of linknrank is becoming a resource portal site with a sufficient list of social network sites under different categories. I greatly appreciate if you visit and give any comments on my social network review and ranking site (contents and layout you wish to see). And all of you are welcome to submit your own reviews in order to help more people distinguish the great social networks. And we also feel grateful if you could inform us of new social network sites that haven't been listed within our site link database. - Jean, posted for review on:
Website Search Engine Submission Services
Offers professional search engine submissions, search engine optimization, search engine registration services. - prabha, posted for review on:
AKC bull terriers
Information on bull terriers and pics - patricia, posted for review on:
Computer glasses to relieve eyestrain
I am attempting to provide information about eyestrain caused by long periods of computer monitor use and provide the best practical computer glasses to help reduce eyestrain. This topic is difficult to put across in simple terms and even developing instructions to assist individuals in ordering the proper strengths of lenses has proven challenging. - phil cressman, posted for review on:
Designs for woodenclocks
To publish plans for users to build woodenclock - Brian Law, posted for review on:
House values & home value appraisal
We recently rebuilt our site adding new graphics and text layout. What we do is offer a way for home owners to get thier home value online. We also provide refinance and appraisal info. The service is free. What happens is we foward their info to a agent local to them, and in turn they value the house on recent sales in the area. The home owner gets a free appraisal and the agent get a potental listing. What we are curious about it, we want the site to be welcoming and as easy and fast to fill out for our customers. The more info we can get from a client the better, how ever the more info we request, the higher the chance of them leaving the site, or, leaving fields blank. - Marky Hendan, posted for review on:

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