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Fly fishing holidays around the world
It is very difficult to find a good site that specialises in premium fly fishing holidays around the world. This site brings the top fly fishing lodges from around the world into one spot and allows the user to pick a top destination in exotic places such as Mongolia, Brazil, Argentina, Alaska and British Columbia. We aim to extend the site to include tips and features on fishing in each of the locations. I hope you will enjoy the site. We welcome any feedback to improve our site that you may have. Thank you. - Boyd Carson, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
cckla evangelion homepage
Please give me some suggestion for improvement. - cckla, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
Kings of Chaos text based army style attack game
this is a site that me and some friends made it is a text based fighting game where you control armies of orcs dwarves elves or humans and attack people online. critique the game for me if ya can tell me what is good and what needs to be changed or added - ben eddy, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
Online Dating Services -
International Personals Community for singles looking for romance, flirting, friendship, and maybe love and marriage. - Natalia, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
Ruddyglow Park, private, secluded, boutique bed and breakfast
The business is based in the NW highlands of Scotland. Famous for blood red sunrises, purple heather, and a specturm of muted browns. I am just not sure that the colours on the site work. Have had many favourable comments but my "gut" feel is that it we should reverse the scheme ie go for pale yellow background and dark blue text. However I am not a designer, am great at putting a wardrobe together but am struggling with this. As its a friend that helps with all the "techie" stuff in keeping the site running I am loath to suggetst changes unless they are really important. One comment I had was as the house is called ruddyglow they were surprised that the site didn't mimic the name. Quite what colours I would use to mimic that I'm really not sure. Any help and advice would really be so much apreciated. Kind regards Patricia - P. Filmer-Sankey, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
My vintage watch collection
I have been collecting vintage watches for a long time and decided I would like to share my pastime and pictures with others. Your are able to see some of the watches in my collection, with interesting facts and descriptions. I would like people to enjoy looking at the vintage watches, and encourage contact from other watch collectors. - david shakespeare, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
Nepal trekking
Unique Adventure International arranges Trekking in Nepal, Tour, Travel in Nepal, Hiking, Mountaineering, Wildlife tour, Peak climbing, Whitewater rafting... - Unique Adventure Trekking, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
Real vacation reviews
The header is not really working for me. I want to put across the message that this is about places to go and fun to be had, but I don't think I have really got it yet. - Chris, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
Comedy-Whitie McWhiteivich
This site has some funny graphics and some very funny songs. All downloadable! - Whitie McWhitieivich, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06
Thomasina's website has been revamped, and is up for Round 2. After reading and studying the harsh review last time, more thought and consideration was put into the layout. Hopefully, after studying each element more intently, and incorporating CSS as the layout method, the site will fare better results this time. What will the results of vs., Round 2 be???? - David Greer, posted for review on:


Franklin 242 - A Bed and Breakfast
The website of a new Bed and Breakfast opening in Liberty, Missouri. The owners specifically requested a site that accented simplicity, desiring an attractive and intuitive interface without an over abundance of internet bells and whistles. - K.B. Butler, posted for review on: November 11, 2005
Ekalis La PAlma Canary Islands -Spain
trekking, canoeing, mountain biking and other activities in the island of La Palma (Canary Island- Spain). - David Hernández, posted for review: September 2005
Hyper Life Of Gaming
This site is about the life of all the gamers online gamers or sportsmen who wish to share there lifetime Experiences. Discuss the games you played and the ones you liked and disliked along with the reasons as to your liking and disliking of that particular game. - h-log, posted for review: September 2005
Nepal tour
Nepal, Sits on Top of the World, is located in Southern Asia - It borders w/China on the north and India on the south... this site promotes travel to Nepal - Pradip Raj Panday, posted for review: September 2005
sci fi online
everything sci fi, this site is for the free exchange of information news and opinions on anything science fiction entertainment related - john, posted for review: September 2005
the #1 entertainment site offering free downloads - zahid hussain, posted for review: September 2005
Sudoku Mania
Solve a sudoku puzzle every day and defy the top sudokers of the world. - Gameszoo Team, posted for review: September 2005
Ytanium - Freeware Games to download
Well... I started it to learn PHP and now I mantain it with newer reviews and features. All the site is nag free without any advertisement or other annoying things. The small banner circuit is with other free sites (exchange), all tested and fundamental! :-) - Dakkar Daemor, posted for review: September 2005
que, social issues, arts an culture. Last but not least al lot of senseless stuff... - Posted by: alia, posted for review on: 7/2/2005
A D&D Reference Website
It is online to provide a source of information for people who play in a D&D session... Colour scheme is also a concern of mine, particularly whether it is suitable for visually impaired or those with different monitors to my own. - Posted by: Philip Hart, posted for review on: 7/2/2005
this site was brought online by the pure passion for the game of soccer and to share my enthusiasm with other fans.The site has a nice graphic made in flash and it's original. - Posted by: chibi, posted for review on: 7/2/2005

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