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this listing includes hobbies, leisure, music, sports, entertainment, travel, fan sites and other sites submitted for leisure or fun surfing. (This category has merged with "Novelty" as well.)

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The last sites posted here for review were in January of 2007.

Btcartoons cartoons and co much more... ok, just a few things more.
Some features: Btcartoon Database, making it's premier with, the database is basically a wiki of cartoon series, its version 0.9 but i released it to the public becasue I want to populate it and see what else i need to add (it also has a really light-wieght built in support message board too). The next version is going to be alot smaller (as far as # of pages) with added functionality.
im looking for information about not only the design but also the content, ie: is my text desciprtiv eenough in that i dont need mch (which is what i have now, or do i need more). Whats you opinion on the cartoon database (be aware that it is only 4 days old at the time of this submission). Anything else you feel approriate. - Sent in by: Ben Stockwell, posted for review on: 0610
Ducatigirls Driveway- A Western Australian website on Motorcycling
This is my hobby site. It is the first proper site I have made, it was a huge job as theres quite a few pages. It is the first time I really learnt the most about Dreamweaver, and struggled through it, but feel my site is ok, needs some work where the consistency isnt the same, but these are software problems I have with getting this the same. I have a template I use for the site and css. I would like some professional opinions on my site as it is a popular site and useful to many people. I am working towards becoming a web designer,and am at uni to do so- so suggestions would be very important to me. thank you - Sent in by: Penny, posted for review on: 0610
Balto Source, the animated films
The online source for the Balto animated films (Universal Studios), covering all the news on the Balto films. - Sent in by: Steve Stan, posted for review on: 0610
Living in Lake Chapala,Mexico
Our site provides information about Mexico and specifically the Lake Chapala area. It is intended to overcome the misconceptions people have about Mexico. We also offer 7 and 10 day Educational Tours to people considering living or retiring in Lake Chapala either full or part time. The programs are designed to provide education and experience that will allow these people to make an informed decision. - Sent in by: Ray Bullock, posted for review on: 0610
Save The OC
This site consists of many, many different types of ways and manners to help save fox's hit television show "THE OC" from cancellation after the fourth season! The site has 60+ wallpapers, cast pictures, cast videos made by the loyal fans who want the show to be saved, what and how to do to help save the oc from cancellation including many different petitions, polls and contact numbers to contact the director and air your views!!! The site has many different categories, pages, comments, posts, breaking news and much, much more!! There was no problem with the site, all links worked perfectly well, no false information and deftinately no shyness in sharing gossip, news, ways and views!!! This site is a must see, you have to visit it!!! - Sent in by: Sheldon Botha, posted for review on: 0610
Send jokes, pranks and anonymous texts, multimedia SMS, 2 way SMS, email by SMS and SMS reminders - Sent in by: K. Makore, posted for review on: 0610
Spanish Golf Club Rental
This is a Golf Club rental service, renting golf clubs to Spainsh holiday goers. The site is ment to be a place where the person going on hoilday can order his/her clubs for there holiday - Sent in by: Richard, posted for review on: 0610
Website Charts Powered by People
The Votedtop website charts is my attempt to provide a democratic process to establish the actual Best websites on the internet. Members submit their favourtie websites and other members can vote for them, so the best rise to the top of the charts regardless of their advertising budget, page rank, network links etc. I hope to establish a really good place to find the best websites votedtop by the public. - Sent in by: Roy Robinson, posted for review on: 0610
Funny Videos, Funny Cartoons, Funny Songs
We are two musicians who write and record our own funny cartoon music videos for a laugh. We have our own website to get feedback from people around the world. We advertise to help pay for the costs involved. We are new at this and would like someone to have a look to get an objective opinion and help to improve the over all look and appeal of our website. Thanks! - Sent in by: John Hoy, posted for review on: 0610
life recorded online tribute and memorial.
i'm trying to create a store for placing biographys, give various areas that the memory's can be stored. hoping in time to add many more areas i.e sci-fi and other comfort and fantasy domains,hoping to keep up the good artwork as i go along. - Sent in by: William McCullough., posted for review on: 0610
Tuna Safe - Thongs in a Can
Please review the site for functionality, easy of use, & artistic composition. Thanks, Cristian - Sent in by: Cristian Partan, posted for review on: 0610
Viceroy Magazine- The common sense magazine
the site is online so that we can see how good it is and if it is worth publishing or not. We can not seem to find a way to print the magazine professionally so if you have any ideas then please let us know. - Sent in by: bradley drake, posted for review on: 0610


Fly fishing holidays around the world
It is very difficult to find a good site that specialises in premium fly fishing holidays around the world. This site brings the top fly fishing lodges from around the world into one spot and allows the user to pick a top destination in exotic places such as Mongolia, Brazil, Argentina, Alaska and British Columbia. We aim to extend the site to include tips and features on fishing in each of the locations. I hope you will enjoy the site. We welcome any feedback to improve our site that you may have. Thank you. - Boyd Carson, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06

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