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Industry Sites for review

this listing includes industrial, manufacturing, technology, corporate, Fortune 500, and other sites submitted which are not considered to be commercially oriented.

Disclaimer - Reviewer Beware: We do not endorse these sites or their products as Good or Bad by virtue of posting them here. All content was authored by the posting party, NOT Web Design & Review. They were posted by their authors specifically for the purpose of a CRITIQUE -- not advertising!

Cody Electronics, Inc.
Ceibis was founded in 1971 in Santa Clara, California as a manufacturer of Burn-In boards and Reliability boards servicing the Semiconductor Industry. - Trina, posted for review on:
Imperial Optical Company Website
This website is intended to be an educational resource for both eyecare practitioners and consumers alike. If you want easy access to information about current contact lens offerings - Davi Pearce, posted for review on:
Technology provider for the financial, telecommunication, and video services industries.
This site is online for the promotion of the companies products and services in the industries listed. Visitors to the site commonly want information about specific products and how to contact a qualified person about that product or service. The most common reason this site is visited is for job openings and career opportunities within the company. Investors also play a big part of the Web sites visiting population. Many requests for Annual reports and other corporate materials are received by the Web master. Main points for the critique would be: Homepage usability (too much information?) Job openings (easy to find?) Contact information about products and services (easy to find?) - Eric Salzman, posted for review on:


Site of gas manufacturing
Take a look at the banners and main layout. Is there anything to criticize? - Indrek Saarmets, posted for review: September 2005
Dassenta - Portuguese menswear
Hi there, This site is online to help promote our brand label, it isnt aimed at online sales yet. This is a very simple site that I've grown to like and would like to improve it rather than have a whole new one made, like some people think we should. I have to be honest, Im not a Flash fan. So basically what Im asking is a critique on the current design : - Do you think this is a type of design we can improve to make it look professional ? - What would you immediately change ? - What do you think of the colour scheme ? - Do you like the way the photos are placed all over the site ? I know this site is in portuguese so the only thing I think I should tell you is that the pictures on the left side are accessible by clicking on the thumbnails. Thank you in advance! - Pedro Silva, posted for review on:
Website for a House Furnishings store
The client wanted a clean site where their products get the maximum focus. there is much depth in the their products menu. Critique is invited on the navigation of the website. - Misbah Husein, posted for review on:
Manufacturers and esigners of polished plaster. Site was designed two years ago and is due for an overhaul.
The site is online to inform novice users about the product that we supply and apply. It is designed to give background information about the product and the companies' global brand. It is intended to reflect the company's position in the global market i.e. that we are number one in the field of polished plaster. The site is also designed for more advanced users who want mor specific information on how to prepare their site for the application of the product. I would like the reviewer to take notice of the font, font colours and their contrast to background colours. The layout of the individual pages, text and images, and the structure of the navigation of the site. - Ryan Pays, posted for review on:
Tweaks for Windows has been online in one form or another for about five years. It started as an online repository for the technical information I picked up in my day to day work as a computer consultant. Since then, it's grown into a fully searchable online database of tweaks and how-to guides for Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Although I do receive some advertising revenue from the site (enough to cover my hosting costs anyway) the main reason I run the site is for personal satisfaction. I find it useful to be able to refer to the information myself and I know other people are looking for answers I can provide. If you choose to critique my site, I'd like someone to consider how usable it is. The site has evolved into its current form through a process of continual change and (I think) improvement. It's heavily reliant on its database back-end and I've tried to make it as user-friendly as possible. Having said all that, I'm not a designer and I'm a techie - two things that many people see as being synonymous with confusion. - Dan Halford, posted for review on:
Services for OEM and OED projects.
We want to promote our service and products through our site. Kindly please review our website and comment by return if possible. Thanks! - Peter Cheng, posted for review on: 030428
Ambro Metals
This sites purpose is to promote Ambro Metals Business which is to provide their customers with Metals of all types and other related services - Posted by: Karl Rooney, posted for review on: 0402-23
Business Guide of the State of Qatar
Qatar Business Guide is a unique online guide for first time visitors to the country, for corporate activities and investment, financial information, also include a virtual road map of Qatar, manufacturers, major petroleum and gas companies, banks, etc. - from: Nazeer Dawood, posted for review on: 1/26/2004

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