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The last sites posted here for review were in January of 2007.

Altex-Mar Electronics, Inc. was established in Indiana in 1981 as a regional distributor of electronic components.
One goal of this logo and Web site design was to merge 3 companies into a unified identity. The project involved 3 logo redesigns (Altex-Mar, MidCon, and GTS), as well as 3 Web site redesigns. The primary goal was to give each company an updated look and at the same time visually strengthen the relationship of the three companies to each other. The portal page was created at the request of the client. I was reluctant to create teh portal page because of the additional click. However, I hope it works well with the usability of the site and helps to unify the identity of the 3 companies. I look forward to your review. More designs to come from :). - Sent in by: Daniel Laughlin, posted for review on: 0610
Geothermal energy: advanced technology overview
Our company, BTT Bassfeld Technology Transfer, has set-up a website to inform about sustainable and environmental-friendly electricity production, mainly by breakthrough advancements in geothermal electricity and heat generation. The site is very recent, but I'd like to ensure people find the site helpful and return often. I'd like to build it into a geothermal portal including a compendium of links, katest news and eventually a discussion forum. The immediate goal is to motivate viewers to download a 10 page document which gives an overview of the technologies involved and eventually to contact us for further information. Target audience are governments, alternative energy organisations, electricity companies, investors in alternative energy, contractors, architects and real estate developers; basically anyone wanting to obtain green energy at competitive return on investment. Does the site have a "professional" look? Does the site communicate the goal visibly and clearly? How long do you think anyone interested in alternative energy would remain on the site? Would they want to return? What can I do to improve the efficiency of the site? I have more or less no html knowledge and have built the site using Rapidweaver software and a blueballdesign template. - Sent in by: Ralph Bassfeld, posted for review on: 0610
Our site will launch this weekend. I am intereste to know if it is easily navigated and all the flash and java works. . including the intro... - Sent in by: Allen, posted for review on: 0610
This site is a source of information on what this "small" tool company does, and what kind of service it provides. Its main purpose is not to promote or sell anything, (it would be a plus if it promotes the company) it is there as a information tool for costumers who arent sure what kind of service the company provides. The reason I want this website to be rated is because it is my first website that i have designed, and i am sure i could of done things a lot better. So i would appreciate some suggestions of inprovement. I mainly would like the people to critique this site on its design and its functionality. I am sorry but this site is suppose to be for people who live within this area, so it doesnt offer an english version. - Sent in by: nadja, posted for review on: 0610
ZwCAD-Your realible IntelliCAD!
I want to tell all designers,ZwCAD is an AutoCAD alternative for all CAD users,and is a low-cost software.You can graphically customize menus and toolbars and manage your drawing using visual tools that enhance your productivity. Quite good! - Sent in by: Guangzhou Chinaweal Longteng Technology Co., Ltd., posted for review on: 0610


Website for a House Furnishings store
The client wanted a clean site where their products get the maximum focus. there is much depth in the their products menu. Critique is invited on the navigation of the website. - Misbah Husein, posted for review on:

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