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The last sites posted here for review were in January of 2007.

Non-Profit helping school teachers find sorely needed school supplies - provided free by donors
This site lets teachers register and ask for anything they need. I then find donors to give to the teachers. In the near future I will be adding the ability for teachers to shop from a catalog of products and add them to a wishlist. Donors can then buy the wishlist and profits from that sale will be used to run the operation. My concern is teachers have several opportunities on this site including:
* 1. Asking for anything they need (new or used) such as computers, pens, art supplies
* 2. Shopping through a catalog and adding items to a wishlist
* 3. Browsing through what's called DonorOffer - a bulletin board where donors will list what they have to give. (similar to Craigslist) Teachers will ask and donors will select a teacher, send the gift, and remove the posting.
* 4. A Resource Library where teachers can find other groups or places that they can get help from.
Donors have a few opportunities:
* 1. Search for a teacher who has a need for a specific item the donor has to give (i.e. an old VCR). To do this they must use the donor search tool.
* 2. Post up the DonorOffer items.
* 3. Donate directly to us and we will use the money to run the business.
* 4. Donate directly to us and we will send it to a teacher we select.
* 5. Start a ClassroomFriend group and get friends and family together to help local schools.
* 6. Use the NotifyMe feature to be notified by email if a teacher from a selected school asks for help.
The concern is that there are many facets to the teacher and donor experience. So much so that I'm worried teachers and donors will get lost and not use the site to it's fullest potential.
Finally, my biggest concern is the donor experience. Teachers have come in droves and I will never have a problem finding a teacher in need. Thanks for your consideration! - Sent in by: Jerry Hall, posted for review on: 0610
Black Hills Area Guide and Community Portal
We are a free community portal for area residents. We are also self publishing which allows users to post announcements, classifieds, and so much more. Our news Ranking on just placed us in the top 3% of online news. We also feature the ability to run embedded video with our stories. - Sent in by: Scott Prentice, posted for review on: 0610
For a firefighters departement
The language itĄs portuguese, but it still doesnĄt have much content, so im only submiting this for the design review - Sent in by: Paulo, posted for review on: 0610
Link Transit - Public Transportation
Promote public transit use in the two county area and provide users with information they need to be able to use transit services, including routes and schedules, and fare information. - Sent in by: Eric West, posted for review on: 0610
Lumpkin 911
The site is an unofficial site for the local emergency services. It used to post information for the public to see what the men and women do both on calls and while training. I have tried to keep as many of the graphics and photos original as possible and would like opinions on those as well the over all look of the site and navagation ease. - Sent in by: Chris Mobley, posted for review on: 0610
Parents Keeping Parent's Informed -
This site is for an organization meant to keep parents of schoold district graduates aware of what's going on in the district, to provide continued social contact with other parents of graduates etc. The site was created following a specific tutorial that stressed CSS. It would have been just as easy to resort to tables but the temptation has thus far been avoided. Still, although it's working, I wish it had a bit more pizazz. something seems missing in the graphic design. It needs a slight bit of punch, and I'm actually considering shedding the whole thing and going for a more conventional method (tables). The navigation area seems week in appearance. The logo - it's "ok" - I thought about putting a red border around it. It just needs some critique and hopefully I can carry it out. - Sent in by: linda, posted for review on: 0610
Ten Directions Zen Community
The site is online to provide up-to-date information about the Zen community and events to members, as well as basic information about Zen and the Kwan Um School of Zen to people who are interested in meditation or Buddhism. - Sent in by: ruby ruan, posted for review on: 0610
To raise money for a severly disabled little boy
My site was posted to raise money for my 4 year old son who is severly disabled. I think the photo of Dean playing his guitar is priceless, his hands were placed on the guitar. He managed to keep them there long enough for the photo - Sent in by: Tommy Cochrane, posted for review on: 0610


( See Critique ) American Distractions
I'm self taught in web design and graphic art. This is the first website that I have created for an organization that myself and some collegues founded. We are moving towards becoming a non-profit entity, but the paperwork hasn't gone through yet. The main goal of the site will be to inform people of the events and projects that we are working on, but along with that I'd like to strengthen the community in general (and speciffically the arts community). There is a lot of information and graphics, and it is steadily being added to and growing. I would love any coments or insight other designers may have, since it is targeted to a (relatively) small audiance, I want to make it as interesting as possible. thanks.
Location: - Tristan Chaika, posted for review on: 6/3/2003
Keene State College Radio: WKNH
http://www.WKNH.ORG is the site for Keene State College Radio. It was designed by myself, and I have no training in website design excecpt a copy of Dreamweaver MX given to me by the station and a little motivation. I'd really like some help on trying to get this site looking great. The first problem I notice myself is that it's very thin on content, that can be fixed in time when I have more information to put on there. I could really use some help on styles and other things you might notice though. Thanks! - Patrick Burke, posted in Dec. '05 and Jan '06

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