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Professional Sites for Review

this listing includes lawyers, accountants, doctors, consultants, architects, engineers, realtors, and others considered to be "professional" occupations, but NOT in the graphic design, or web design fields.

Disclaimer - Reviewer Beware: We do not endorse these sites or their products as Good or Bad by virtue of posting them here. All content was authored by the posting party, NOT Web Design & Review. They were posted by their authors specifically for the purpose of a CRITIQUE -- not advertising!

Italian architect studio
minimal style website design - enzo momo, posted for review on:
Knight-Errant & Associates (Professional Bookkeepers)
This site was developed as a marketing tool and information site for potential clients to learn about our services and gain valueable information from our online resource area. - Sherri Stewart-Buckmaster, posted for review on:
Ask Profi's FREE reliable software development support!
Ask Profi's service and its ease of use have made it one of the most reliable software development support services. We do not aim at generating revenues, since we are part of open-source community and think that software development support should be available for all users free of charge! How can I benefit from Ask Profi? You will get a timely and professional support (tips, instructions, examples, etc.) that will help you to solve your software development problems. What services does Ask Profi provide? Professional FREE software development support! Is your support free of charge? Yes, it is absolutely free of charge in most cases! In special cases only, we may ask you to cover some expenses of our experts. Why do you provide FREE software development support? We are part of open-source community. Hence, we think that software development support should be available free of charge for all users! If you send your software development question (describing your problem shortly but as precise as possible) to us, we will reply to you in a timely manner (usually within 24 hours). You will get a reply (answer on your question containing tips, instructions, examples, etc.) via e-mail. - Profi, posted for review on:
200 Market Place - Business Real Estate in Portland, OR
The purpose of this website is to draw attention to 200 Market Place, an outstanding place for businesses, in Portland, OR. - Andrew Embler, posted for review on:
Career Search Site
Jobs not listed on the big boards can be found here. Links career seekers direct to the empployers job positing. Saves career seekers hours if not days of hunting on the web. - Michael D'Souza, posted for review on:
Plasmatic Concepts
Plasmatic Concepts is a multidisciplinary research, design and technology firm based out of Los Angeles and San Francisco. At Plasmatic we specialize in finding innovative ways for Technology, Life Sciences and Entertainment companies to develop their identity and plan their future. Our analytical and design services focus on: 1) Planning, 2) Environments and 3) Graphic Design. - Sarah lorenzen, posted for review on:
Board Certified Plastic Surgeons
Our plastic surgery consultancy makes choosing board certified plastic surgeons an easy process. We inform you and insure you get the best prices on cosmetic surgery procedures. - Alex Tabuan, posted for review on: communications, PR, marketing knowledge portal
Communitelligence brings together the vast world of communications - associations, events, training, jobs, news, trends, knowledge, leaders, topic experts and businesses serving this market. - John Gerstner, posted for review on:
Estate agents in Berkshire (UK), Reading, Pangbourne, Tilehurst
I have designed this website for some estate agents based in the South of England. I tried to make it look pretty as well as relatively quick loading (although it will be quite slow on a 56kb modem, it goes quite well on a cable one). I have used cascading style sheet extensively for most of the layout elements which load as server side include to allow caching (and thus faster loading). The menus, on the left hand side and main menu bar are entirely done with CSS (there is no image except for the arrow). They work efficiently on all the CSS compliant browser included Mac/PC browsers such as Mozilla, IE 5.5 (IE 6 for PC, I haven't had a chance to test on IE5), Netscape, and Opera. I have added pages of relevant contante such as discover (the area) and a 'down the memory lane' page. I have no control over the way the database interacts, although I constructed all the static states and it works pretty much like I wanted it to. Please try it, and let me know what you think. William Lesourd - William Lesourd, posted for review during: 8/2004
ListingScout - Search 75 Investment Real Estate Listing Sites at Once
This site is intended to attract buyers of investment real estate looking for a way to search the many sources of listings. I'd like all aspects of the site critiqued. - geoff washbourne, posted for review during: 8/2004
Promodo - Search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization (SEO) company offers web site optimization, web promotion and promotion tips, search engine ranking services and internet marketing. Website design from the SEO company. Link popularity services and link popularity building. Features, free search engine optimization tutorials. - alexander kolb, posted for review on:
Spence Harris Hogan Associates
SHH interior design consultancy and graphic design company Spence Harris Hogan -SHH Design are an interior design and architects practice employing a number of new construction concepts within their leisure, retail, commercial and domestic projects - T Brown, posted for review on:
Barr Gazetas Interior Design
Barr Gazetas Architects and Interior Designers have a skill base which encompasses office design and build, retail design and build, interior design and architecture while also employing a number of new construction concepts within their leisure, retail, commercial and domestic projects - Submitted by: Muddy brown, posted for review on: 4/27/2004
SHH Architects & Interior Design
SHH interior design consultancy. Spence Harris Hogan -SHH Design are an interior design and architects practise employing a number of new construction concepts within their leisure, retail, commercial and domestic projects - Tan Brown, posted for review on: 5/1/2004
Denham-Williamson Administrative Services
I am a provider of virtual assistant services. I wanted to convey my professionalism by providing a professional, clean, easy to navigate site. I was wondering if mine fit that image. - Submitted by: Carolyn Williamson, posted for review on: 4/27/2004
Executive Bodyguards VIP Security Guards
Executive Bodyguards VIP Security Guards Private Investigators Special Services Counter-terrorism Services and Training, World-wide News Updates - Submitted by: Carl Ford, posted for review on: 4/27/2004
Christopher Yiangou Consulting
This is intended as an on-line resume for my profession as industrial engineer and software designer / developer. It is a low-traffic site, and does seem to pick up some hits from search engines and directories. Its main purpose, however, is as a convenient way to refer potential clients to my resume, by sending them the URL via email. I would like advice and comments about general look-and-feel, appropriateness of graphic elements and content. - Christopher Yiangou, posted for review on: 030428
Great Locations Real Estate
This site was created to promote our real estate company on Cape Cod. We are a relatively small firm and hoped to "even the playing field" by having a web site which would showcase our experience and expertise in a narrow focus market, ie, vacation homes on Cape Cod. In a market of only 8,000 people there are seven other real estate companies and a total of 200 actives real estate sales agents. Compition is very very stiff. We do not belong to a national franchise and therefore have to rely on our outstanding level of service to put us ahead of the other companies. I am not sure our site conveys that message. There are three sections to the site: 1. Discovering Ocean Edge Resort - A general overview of a large resort condomimium propety we represent for sales and rentals. 2. Cape Properties - A search area listing the current real estate listings for sale. 2. Vacation Rentals - A search area for the vacation rentals we offer. We find the site viually appealing but lacking sizzle. There does not seem to be a cohesive theme, perhaps there is too much information and no real call to action. Thank you in advance and I look forward to your comments and suggestions. - Babetta Haynes, posted for review on: 030428
Pet Sitter Web Site - different from the average website
This is a pet sitter web site. It is online to help promote the small business. It is not ment to have a lot of traffic everyday. The client wanted a very simple site, no forms nor e-mail address to contact pet sitter at. Clients moto is keep it simple. I have attempted to make the site have a warm feeling to it, that they can trust the pet sitter, and also make it kind of cute. I have been at web design for one year, thus have been learning everything from scratch. So, be honest yet kind with your review. I think the site is pretty different from what is out there, so let me know what you think of that. I basicly used Illustrated and hand coded HTML. Thanx, Jules Rene - Posted by: Jules Rene, posted for review on: 0402-23

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