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Professional Sites for Review

this listing includes lawyers, accountants, doctors, consultants, architects, engineers, realtors, and others considered to be "professional" occupations, but NOT in the graphic design, or web design fields.

Disclaimer - Reviewer Beware: We do not endorse these sites or their products as Good or Bad by virtue of posting them here. All content was authored by the posting party, NOT Web Design & Review. They were posted by their authors specifically for the purpose of a CRITIQUE -- not advertising!

Commercial and Residential Interior Design Web Site
This is a test site (final stages) with additional content in development. The site is mostly template-driven with areas for the client to add content. I am mostly concerned about color and overall visual impression. The pictures are of the client's historic home, which serves as an office. The site is designed around the home itself, with additional pictures/graphics taken from the property. I have additional pictures of the home to integrate into the site. - Posted by: Rob Hough, posted for review on: 7/2/2005
Cris Ascunce - Graphic Design
Cat Graphix is a graphic design portfolio, designed to attract clients. On the site are a few pages where a prospective client can see my design style and call or write for more information. - Posted by: Cris Ascunce, posted for review on: 7/2/2005
Knudson Gloss Architects
Knudson Gloss Architects website is realatively unique in that very few architecture firms have chosen to use Flash as the primary design tool. We feel that we have created an engaging site that allows users an easy way of accessing our vast architectural portfolio which enhances our marketing. - Posted by: Tom Marsden, posted for review on: 7/2/2005
Kurkov Construction Company Website
This is a company website of a General Contractor that builds homes, etc. The main point of this site is to show off the portfolio gallery of completed work. A feature on this site is a question forum, where customers (anybody) can post questions and get free answers. Please review the gallery and comment on its usibility. - Posted by: Dean, posted for review on: 7/2/2005
PinPoint Mortgage Loan Officer
I wanted feedback on the layout of the website. This is a loan officer for Pinpoint Mortgage. Thanks - Posted by: Michael Carbonara, posted for review on: 7/2/2005


"Atlanta Tickets" - Atlanta Braves Tickets - Atlanta Concert Tickets - - Looking for Atlanta Braves Tickets Atlanta Concert Tickets Atlanta Event Tickets sporting events or information? is the place for anyone looking to buy tickets or sell tickets to Atlanta Ticket venues. - NA, posted for review on:
Nikki Boxer, actress & vocalist
The purposes of my site is to provide basic information about my performance history and experience- essentially a resume online. I am interested in a review of the general design as a whole and its effectiveness. Wed Mar 30 15:21:04 2005, - Nikki Boxer, posted for review on:
Personal injury claims company in the UK
We started this site online as a more 'user - friendly' way of claiming compensation online. We have a physical office that people can visit and only use trustworthy solicitors who can help without needing thier clients to take out loans and credit to see their claim through. Most sites we found looked very basic so we wanted to do something a little more stylish. What do you think of the flash intro, good or a waste of viewing time? Online form and referral are pretty new... Thanks Julian Hall - Julian Hall, posted for review on:
Small business dedicated to improving clients networking ability and connectivity
I believe that the company website is ready for a make over, but have been told by some that it looks professional and doesn't need to change. I have recently been charge with the updating of the site content, but would like to start over. I'm hoping for someone to give me their opinion of the site and whether they think that it is time for change...mainly the layout and photos. I feel it is rather dark, and boring, not professional and inviting. - Mike Goff, posted for review on:
Website for IT/Telecoms Consulting Services company.
I actually built this site for a client and am submitting it on his behalf(and out of curiousity to learn what I did well and also what i can do better). To provide an online profile of the company to existing and prospective clients - in addition to offering them alternative additional/cost-effective means of doing business with us. We would like feedback on the site design/layout; usability/navigability and any other aspect that could improve the website performance. What does it look like across browser platforms etc Thanks in advance PS: How do we know if/when you decide to review the site? - Tayo Solagbade, posted for review on:
Web site for hypnosis practice
It's a new site designed to appeal to a general audience. It's job is to bring in clients via the contact form. Also to educate prospective clients and remove their fears/misconceptions about hypnosis. So far it's doing it's job (bringing in clients) and I'm hearing good things about the content. In the design phase, I was hoping for a bit of the warm calm quiet feel of a yoga or spa site with a bit of zip to it. I'm not stisfied with the way it's turned out. It's not slick/professional looking enough for me. So there's no specific aspect of it that I'd draw your attention to - it's an overall slickness that's lacking. Even just a homepage critique would be great. It's been a long process to get it where it is, and I'm a little disappointed that I'm still not satisfied with the result. - Brian Mahoney, posted for review on:
Real Estate in Florida
I developed this site for the real estate broker. And would like to know the opinion of what's good or bad with it. Most of the stuff was done in Photoshop, and I used some java scripts and flash to make it stand out. Please take a look at it, and see what you think - Dmitry Kleshchik, posted for review on:
DC Living Real Estate Portal
This Washington DC Real Estate website was designed to attract homebuyers desiring the urbane lifestyle of downtown Washington DC. It is also designed to provide frequently asked for information to potential homebuyers. Finally, its visual design was intended to support its role as the most creative and foward thinking Real Estate Brokerage in the Dc area. - Donald Peterson, posted for review on:

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