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this listing includes lawyers, accountants, doctors, consultants, architects, engineers, realtors, and others considered to be "professional" occupations, but NOT in the graphic design, or web design fields.

Banta Corporation
Banta Corporation provides a complete range of printing and prepress services for books, calendars, catalogs/booklets, direct mail, magazines, marketing collateral, and more. Services include prepress, paper management, production, personalization, assembly, fulfillment, and supply chain management. - Julie, posted for review on:
Chick Rx
Due to the lack of funds for a print publication, my crew and I have embarked on a online mission to establish our vision of collaborating art and copy for a modern publication design. We would like an overall critique of the layout and the content, more specifically if the whole concept works together as an effective publication. - Sunny, posted for review on:
Zupi . The Online Brazilian Design Mag
Here you will find inspirations, portfolios, interviews, articles, top sites, top links etc - Allan Szacher, posted for review on:
The Art of Virtue Fern
This is my own personal art gallery which is linked to my own person writing gallery which is linked, in turn, to my own personal blog. That's it, there is no more. - virtue, posted for review on:
An international arts and literature magazine
The Surface is a chronicle of observation and comment - a shop window for aspiring writers, poets, illustrators, photographers and journalists. We offer no fee. The Surface is completely and fiercely independent and involves no charge at any time to either reader or contributor. The Surface is self-funded through donations. Each edition of The Surface will be hung on a theme, each theme broad and open to interpretation - your interpretation. We are open to suggestion on future themes. - Thomas Cochrane, posted for review on: 0406-01
Digital Photography Software
Clearness of the products (especially at the Product Review section). Easy to usage. Attractiveness. Does it appear to be too childish or it is ok. Other aspects you think interesting to comment. - Submitted by: Crystal Lu, posted for review on: 4/27/2004
Northwest Indiana Catholic newspaper
We created this website as a supplement to our print edition of our newspaper. We are tring to give the public some extra stories and photos and information that we cannot possibly publish in the print edition because of cost. Please take note of the layout, and how we have arranged the pages. You may critique everything on the website. We have received feedback that the site is very useful and user friendly. We'd like your opinion on that and any suggestion you have to make it a more functionable and user friendly and interesting site. Site launched was February 5, 2004. Thank you and God Bless! - Submitted by: C. Macinga, posted for review on: 4/27/2004
Ninth Street Rag
This site was created as an online resource for postal employees of the facility where I work. Its purpose is to inform and educate postal workers. It includes information from the Postal Service that affects employees, information from the postal unions that represent employees, world and local news of a postal nature and commentary and opinion from around the world on issues that impact postal employees. I would like a critique of the color scheme and the navigation of the site. I am currently working on some page updates to match the revised index page, so you will notice some secondary page headers that are distorted. This is being corrected as fast as possible.
(SEE: Critique of this site)
Location: - Denny Hill, posted for review on: 1/1/2004 - BEWARE: this site dumps a lot of cookies and pop-ups!
The Davis Enterprise newspaper, serving Davis, CA
We're doing a redesign for our site and are looking for suggestions and critiques. Any help or ideas (or a good Web site for these suggestions) would be appreciated. We are also considering charging a fee for our Web site, or for the archives, and wonder what advice other media sites might offer. Thank you! Shawn Collins - Shawn Collins, posted for review during: 8/2004
South Calgary Business & Community database
Well, in an ocean of web designers, I needed a hook. This online databse features 680 businesses within a 8 mile radius, and helps promote me as a legitimate Web Designer. - Kev, posted for review on: 030428
Why is it online? To try and be all things Macintosh with links and with our own articles on Mac-related books, hardware, software, etc. Well, actually, all of it really needs some serious critiquing and tweaking. Hey, I can handle it. The webmaster on the other hand, may balk. - Posted by: Robert Pritchett, posted for review on: 0402-23

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Both of these are correct -- but only to a certain point. We believe that you learn good design through the works of others only when you make an effort to actually evaluate the work and state why you think it works or doesn't work. Only then do you actually make it part of your knowledge-base. We're all born with the same set of tools. Those tools you develop and 'grow' are the ones that you use for life -- the effective ones.

If you find a site you like, make an effort to state why you like it. If it doesn't work, state why -- regardless of whether or not you tell the rest of us about your feelings. Just do it!

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