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Will you be trapped by this version of SPAM?

Our story and follow-ups on "Search Engine Secrets" has spawned a slew of inquiry and comments from readers. With all of the press search engines are getting these days, coupled with the fact that every webmaster and his brother is a search engine expert, we were quite surprised to pull so much response on such a simple article.

One respondent however has caught our attention the following story. We have delved into this situation with our own investigative efforts, and are uncovering all sorts of skeletons in the search engine closets. As you know, both The Design & Publishing Center, and WebDesign & Review have been very vocal about all the various forms of SPAM. Early in the development days of the web, we reported on the evils of page padding, and search engine spamming. But we never imagined that such a huge and far-spread agenda was afoot. You can be sure, however that WD&R will be following this issue like a bunch of hungry blood hounds.

Douglas Clifford is the webmaster for the ACE Indexes, <> an annotated directory of hundreds of North American photographic commerce web sites and online photography magazines around the world. His web site is thorough and friendly, as well as squeaky clean in terms of web ethics. I told Doug that I couldn't rewrite his story nearly as elegantly, nor with the passion that he has.

... So herein Doug writes about one of the most insidious versions of SPAM...

Design & Publishing . / . WEB . / . Rip-Off . / . Search Engine Spam

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