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“How do I download images?”

Downloading files from the web is becoming easier and easier every day. If the file is available for download it will probably have an "ftp" designation in the directory, or perhaps in the URL or even the file name.
__ There are FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites all over the WEB and you can usually access these libraries with your browser. Items listed as files to download will usually have an active HyperLink, and simply clicking on the link initiates the download process. You may be asked to name the file, or to direct your browser to the folder or directory where you want the file stored. Most browsers can be configured to target a specific directory when download is initiated.
__ Likewise, most popular browsers can be configured to recognize the majority of file formats, using "helper' applications.
__ Downloading the file is not the problem! Getting it to work after you've downloaded it is quite another thing. For a lot of good information about this, the Aladdin web site is the first place to look.
__ There are also a number of programs available specifically designed for downloading files. Many are available as shareware. (Check out Instructions on how to download them will usually be included at their location.
__ These utility applications are intended to go directly to an FTP site, or repository of files for downloading, and act upon selected file names by downloading them. Most will offer you a list of files that are present, and a method for navigating up or down directory levels. Fetch is one such FTP program for the Mac.
__ If you're speaking of "capturing" a picture you see on a website, just click and hold on the graphic. A pull-out menu should appear with various options on saving or viewing the file. REMEMBER: that is someone else's property... do not save or copy it with an eye to reusing it. That would be stealing.

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