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Font Resources...
Special thanks to Jacci Howard Bear who sent in these free font resources in her "Desktop Publishing" newsletter...
Fonts, Digits, & Alphabets
True Type Handwriting Fonts
and an added treat: see Your Name in Hieroglyphic
Travis Anton
passes along this new post on GIFmation 2.1 -- They've added click-of-a-button optimization for GIF animaitons available on Macintosh. If you must do animations, check out GIFmation -- it is the only tool that provides the ability to make manual optimizations as well to make files even smaller in size... or a little less like SPAM!
Color Palette Essay
When you've got Adobe dollars in hand you can become an overnight sensation. Lisa Lopuck, proves that with her excellent article explaining how color palettes work and how to select the right image format -- JPEG or GIF.
Top ten ways to tell if your have a sucky site -
You're going to like the wit and healthy humor of J. M. Glover , whose site will make you accutly aware of the ten most common mistakes people make while building web pages.

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