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HTML Spec 4.0 here it comes...Answers to Questions sent in by readers... here's WebDesign & Review Tips & Tricks

Here comes html 4.0

Guess you've already heard the World Wide Web Consortium put its final stamp on HTML 4.0, so there are quite a few new commands and conventions to be learned.
__ W3C is urging users and builders and developers to insist on HTML 4.0 compliance to make sure that we can continue to enjoy a vendor-independent Web.
__ Yes, there's a lot of work learning the new spec. However improvements to forms, tables and frames, as well as increased support for Web objects, scripting and style sheets will make pages and sites run more smoothly and reliably.
__ You'll want to zip over to W3C and take a look at the new spec. The site is looking better than ever, and they've even added an HTML Validation Service you can use to validate your code to 4.0 spec. or for validation:
__ If you're ambitious, check out several new HTML 4 books entering the Designers' Bookshelf this month. The monstrous "HTML 4 How-To" book from Waite Group Press is one we've really been digging into -- with more than 250 different project oriented web solutions across more than a thousand pages! See the WEB department of the Designers' Bookshelf:

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