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Dan Millsip comments on
January's Site Review...

Last month's site review of The International Association of Print House Craftsmen ( brought a letter from Webmaster Dan Millsip. We thought his comments were very elegantly written that they would benefit all our readers.

Dan writes:

"I received the January edition of Design & Publishing Center newsletter and was thrilled to see the site featured as a reviewed site. Recognition of the site inspires a lot of enthusiasm from our membership.

__ Your critique of the site was quite useful, and as I note below a few of the items have already been revised on the site.
I'd like to add a few comments to explain why some things are done the way they are on the site.

(WD&R) re: "we all liked the entry sequence..."
Dan: The entry sequence was designed to perform two functions: a. to quickly explain to the reader where they are and what the site topic is about and b. By extending the time that the reader is on the page gives opportunity to pre-load several of the graphics for the Table of Contents page and the Site Index page - note that there are several images at the bottom left corner of the page that are reduced to 1 pixel x 1 pixel. (Excellent tip, Don... are you reading folks?)

(WD&R) "we liked the 'cleanness' and dignified look..."
Dan: Reading this made me feel very good. When I first started planning this design of the site I wanted to create a look and feel that was somewhat conservative to reinforce that the association has been long standing (the association became 'International' in 1919), yet at the same time I didn't want to indicate that the association is 'stuffy' or 'elitist'.
The design also had to reflect that the IAPHC is welcoming new technologies that have developed within our industry over the past ten years."

Dan's letter continues...

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