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New Monotype font
ships with MSIE

__ While we're on the topic of fonts, read our 60-Second Windows column this month and take note that Microsoft is now shipping "" with it's new Internet Explorer 4.0. Microsoft (the company with the worst reputation for typesetting on the planet) has moved very quickly into the typography arena, embracing "web-ready" fonts. Monotype's new "" TrueType monospaced font boasts Enhanced Screen Quality or "ESQ". We're hoping Monotype's fine reputation can help rid us of the typographicaly uninspiring monospaced fonts currently being offered.
__ Bill Hill, Director of Typography at Microsoft says "We have continually emphasized quality typography for viewing on-screen documents. We knew that a Monotype font, specifically designed for on-screen legibility, would benefit our Internet Explorer 4.0 users." Good yarn, Bill... but what about Microsoft WORD, Works and Publisher?
__ Many companies seem now to have forgotten about the print and DTP industries in order to ride the wave of Web popularity. Even Adobe, is forcing stepchild PageMaker into a Web mold. (Paaahleeezze!)
__ Thank goodness Monotype is involved in this charade. If it weren't for their crisp and legible fonts, who knows what kind of new stuff these marketers would come up with next!
__ I told you about the big Adobe Product presentation, flag-waving PageMaker's 'new' browser-safe color support where just minutes before it was revealed that PageMill had none? Right?

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