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Ripped Off by a SMUT site!...Answers to Questions sent in by readers... here's WebDesign & Review Tips & Tricks

From the "OH NO!" department...

Major Rip-Off

Jim writes to our rip-off department with one of the best ones we've heard...

"Here is my worst experience as a webmaster.
__ One of my first websites was for a man that had written a book about cults at the same time that the Heaven's Gate Incident occurred. Without any knowledge of search engines and how to build a high ranking page I accidentally wound up with the number one listing on Infoseek, under "Heavens Gate". At the time this was the number one searched word on the web. Well the hits we received were huge. (20,000) in the first month. The next day I went to infoseek to see our listing. Strangely right beneath our listing was one exactly like it, word for word. I thought it was ours but later realized the address was different.
__ When I went to the page it was a sex site! Not only had they copied our page word for word, complete with gifs, they also included our copyright! I couldn't believe it. So I did a whois and found the phone number of the man that owned the site. I told him we had talked to our lawyer (which we did) and that he had directly broken copyright laws (he used direct excerpts from the book). He said he had brought in some new marketeers and he would speak to them immediately. Well an hour later we had a parody of our page that still had the copyright on it. So I made one more call and it was gone. This took days to accomplish and the author of the book was not happy to have his work on a porn site. That is how I learned about the ways of the web. I protect myself now.

Jim T. Graham --

Great story, Jim!

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