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Using Spacers in html... Answers to Questions sent in by readers... here's WebDesign & Review Tips & Tricks

Those nasty spacers...

 Sue Ann writes:

"I read your white paper with some interest, as I have a subsite that makes very heavy use of indenting and which needed more flexibility than could be obtained with nested list format (some indents need to be as much as 22 times others, and future versions will need even more - it's a genealogy chart, each indent giving one additional generation).
I tried the one-pixel gif, which was recommended by many on the web design list, as well as background-colored periods and preformatted style.
__ As I recall, the one-pixel gif worked on Netscape but just about every other browser I tried it on gave a generic graphic icon at least briefly during loading (as IE still does).
__ I wound up using   and had a problem with breaks within the tags when I tried to chain a group of them that was longer than a full line in the editor I was using (WordPerfect). It put in a break (normally invisible) whenever it flowed a text stream from one line to the next.
I had also heard that a long string of  's might be incorrectly interpreted, so I would up alternating   and normal spaces in my pages with wider indents.
__ Anyway, if you'd like to see a site that makes HEAVY use of &nbsp; my site is <> Most of the indent work is with the charts themselves, a click or two into the site.
__ I might add that I get onto the net through a university that has a T3 line (one for the whole university) to the backbone, and I can't tell any difference between a modem connection from home or an ethernet connection at work - in either case, a load speed of 1 K/second seems fast.

Take a look at Sue Ann's site and see what you think.
We had to ask if it's time for some nested tables???
Of course that's risky too!

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