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Part 2
Ways to Shoot Your Web Site in the Foot
By Douglas Clifford

Last month we talked about the importance of proofreading your web documents and having someone with good English skills checking every page for syntax and for those errors spellcheckers canít detect.

Did we get mail? You bet! Even Fred Showker half-joked that I must have found all those spelling errors right here at DT&G. One lady wrote, quoting one of Fredís incomplete sentences and asked if I could detect his faux pas. It took me three days to realize what was bothering her. Incomplete sentences have become so much a part of contemporary writing, they have pretty much become de rigueur.

There, now Iíve done it! Iíve managed to sprinkle two French phrases into one paragraph, and Iím not even a New York writer. You can blame advertising copy writers for successfully introducing incomplete sentences into our daily lexicon. Youíll find them everywhere, in fiction, non-fiction, and trendy monthly magazines. And I have no problem with writing that makes sense and sounds good when read aloud. I also know one should not begin a sentence with the word "And," and I just did.

Obviously, I'm not a purist, and clearly we struck a chord with last monthís article.

This month letís talk about the relationship between web sites and email. After studying more than 1000 photo commerce web sites and sending out thousands of personal inquiries to businesses, Iíve reached a disturbing conclusion: too many companies havenít got a clue about the value of email.

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