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The World Wide Web and Intellectual Property.

Today's World Wide Web is a leading arena for the use and dissemination of intellectual property as well as infringement of intellectual property rights. As the World Wide Web continues to rapidly grow, it is important to have independent documentation to substantiate the content of a Web site's files in order to support ownership claims to intellectual property and document usage and publication dates. It is also important to have records of Web site files showing infringement by others of intellectual property rights.

Digital Copyright for Web developers...

Web site owners will now have an independent and inexpensive source for recording, documenting, and archiving of their Web site, as well as Web sites that may be infringing on their intellectual property.
__ The new online service, provided by, captures a "digital snapshot" of the Web site specified, sends the client a date/time-stamped photo-quality color record of the files, and archives the files.
__ The cost is as low as $35.00 for a Web site, including 10-years of archived storage. All records are digitized directly from the WWW for accuracy and authenticity.
__ The service is designed for Web site owners, Webmasters, Web site designers and developers, programmers, authors, artists, illustrators, photographers, designers, editors, publishers, and others in the creative content community.
__ The service is also used by inventors and intellectual property (IP) owners, IP agents, IP technology transfer specialists, in-house counsel and IP attorneys, including IP litigators, patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, copyright attorneys, and others in the IP sector.

Following are examples of how records may be used to assist and to establish documentation: is located in San Diego, CA
Telephone: 800-304-9006 or 619-270-4522

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