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Reader response: "Search Engine Spam" -- could be BLOCKING you from searches!

In our Macworld workshop on SOHO on the web,
then again at Multicom, I referred to a very good article on the topic of getting your site into the top 200 search engines results. Many people have now requested I reprint that article. It's available at:
__ However, in preparing this article we've checked that URL several times, and it keeps coming back "unknown" so, If that persists, then let me know and I'll try to get reprint permission to publish it here.
__ If you're interested in getting the best possible chances of being seen, then there are a number of little known secrets that can dramatically increase the number of times your pages come up in searches. All of the search engines offer their own version of tricks, but they generally apply only to their own website. At the very least go and visit these:

(links above tested: November 6, 1997)

Once you understand a little bit more about how they utilize the information from your pages, then you’ll be better armed to build good searchable pages.

A Guided Tour of Search Engines...

Also See: "Search Engine Spam" -- which could be BLOCKING you from searches!

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