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At last...
the ultimate demise of
web site screen spam
How do you feel when you arrive at a web site and it refuses to download because of all the blinking, moving, banner ads? Are you sick and tired of it? Would you like to banish all those rude ads so you can get on with your surf? Here'ya go...

The folks out at Paw-Print Software sent me a copy of their latest shareware program, and I said "This is HOT... very hot!" I immediately forwarded the program to Wes and Joyce, two of our PC/Windows reviewers and they agreed... this is too cool!
__ Adbin -- the bin for Ads -- is the brain-child of Paw-Print Software, and it's a new tool to improve the lot of net surfers.
__ Adbin integrates with Microsoft's Internet Explorer to remove advertising from web pages as they are downloaded. Is that cool or what?

This is the shareware that the shareware sites don't want you to use!

__ Adbin is worrying the shareware sites so much that only a few of the main sites have agreed to distribute it. Which is no surprise really - the way the shareware sites make money is by selling advertising space!
__ Unlike other such ad blockers, Adbin doesn't get in between the web-browser and the Internet. Rather, it sits alongside IE and whenever a page is downloaded, it scans the page for ads.
Here's how spam-ridden ZDNet looks...
under the AdBin...

Looks pretty nice when you take out the garbage, doesn't it? (
enlarged version)

Even killer spam site MSN gets a face lift...
AdBin gives you a little dialog about the ad... if you're really interested!
enlarged version)

On the next page, we'll show you the "Configure" screen. . .


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