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Web Express 3

MicroVision Development, Inc.

When looking at an HTML WYSIWYG type of editor, my first concern is "what is it doing to my own code? And, "can I use previous done pages without really messing up the code?" And another important feature is the learning curve involved.

I decided to do this page using Web Express 3.0 to check on just these things. Overall the learning curve is quite short. An easy to use wizard gets you started, you can choose to open an existing web site, make a new site or a new page. The documentation that is included is complete and easy to understand.

I used a template and Web Express added a table above the template and <!? marks in several places. Other than this minor alteration, it left the rest of my previous code alone. The code overall looks pretty darn good, not a lot extra garbage that most of the lower priced editors add. 

Inserting the links was as easy as highlighting the text and clicking on the Insert/Edit Hyperlink icon (which is represented by a chain image), or using the Menu item Insert, /link. The tools for formatting the text are right on the tool bar so it is easy and accessible. (pop up the TOOL BAR graphic)

Here is what the Insert menu command looks like, next to it is the Insert image icon and the window that comes up with either method.


Including a form is quite easy. You click on the form icon and choose insert form icon, a wizard pops up giving you the choice of a pre-set form from a template or a custom form. Some of the templates are; order form, order form w/credit card, or user feedback. On your custom form you can insert the text areas, radio buttons, check boxes or drop down menus. There are additional instructions on how to setup your forms so they work on your server at their website.

Site Management capabilities is an important part of Web Express. It will automatically keep track of file locations and URL's and identify broken links. The left side of the workspace is the Site Manager and the large screen on the Right is the design area.

Other features include the ability to use templates to automate many tasks. If you want to start with a pre-made template with background and buttons, a few are included, and more are available at their website. *Warning* this is the worst part of the program, the templates are very amateurish (tacky) with huge buttons that have jagged edges or just plain ordinary left frames that look like they came from one of the free sites freebies. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the free sites if you are designing your own home page, and like that sort of thing. But seeing you are reading this review at The Internet Eye, you may want something a bit more professional looking. But hey, for $70 it's not bad, just design your own backgrounds and buttons.

Some other capabilities of Web Express is that the instructions show you how to add comments, meta tags, active X, music and sound.

You can insert tables by either clicking the table icon or the table menu option, the New Table is the resulting choice of either option.


Web Express is a great program in overall ease of use and functionality. Well documented, tool bars and menus are easy to use. If you need a low price with tons of features, this is it!

Price $69.95 Windows Platform

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