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Web Site Critique Briefs

This month readers look at the Georgetown College Parent's Site; Estate agents in Berkshire (both commented by Gareth Sketty; and a visit to the Urban Arts of Indianapolis with R.J. Rakowski. See these Critique Briefs sent in by readers

Learning more about Web Design

This rather long piece is from the Design Cafe list (July, 2004) wherein a listee asks "how do you learn web design creativity?" ... the following thread sheds interesting light on new design attitudes from a diverse group of designers who practice web design

Previous Web Site Critique Briefs

This month readers look at Painting by Anne Stahl; the James Anderson Unofficial Site; Georgetown University, the Black Hills Pow Wow Association and one the reviewer says "sucks" the Internet personals/dating site. See these Critique Briefs sent in by readers

Learning more about Web Design

Fred I'll refreshed a talk I used to give back in the early 1990s which is still very valid today... web designers must remember how to learn, then how to put that knowledge to work... Designing Websites!

University of Utah gets fine tuning

Reviewer Mike Swope observes that this well organized site could use a little strength in branding and clarity... WDR agrees and adds a diagramed example page with subtle CSS tweaks that add polish and purpose to the CEUU Website.

Newspaper site needs organization

Reviewer Bennie C. Taylor says: "at first glance this site seems to be well-organized; but the categories turn out to be inconsistent and confusing"... perhaps some organization is needed in the Northwest Indiana Catholic newspaper site.

July Web Site Critique Briefs

Here's a collection of quick, Critique Briefs sent in by readers... a design site that claims to be "Part of an award winning Creative Arts team; The Toronto District School Board; a Teen site called Teenopolis; the Alexander Sadoya Art Gallery web site and the Marietta Contact Lens web site. See these Critique Briefs sent in by readers

Joyce Evans: Tomatoes anyone?

JoyceThis month Joyce takes a look at the Tomato-Cages web site and all web designers get a healthy reminder of the right recipe for success. Even Fred can't argue, and points why all web designers need to look at Tomato Cages dot com.

The Delicate Art of (Web) Design Critique

Makiko Itoh How do you constructively critique someone's work without being taken the wrong way? How do you accept criticism without feeling hurt or angry? Here are just a few ideas, gathered from observations and comments from others. Special guest author Makiko Itoh shares her wisdom on the The Delicate Art of Web Design Critique

Seven Steps to Web Design

PHYOWeb Designer and founder of SmartMonkey Media, Ani Phyo brings some serious lessons into focus for web designers. Today, more people and businesses rely on the web, making it even more important to learn these Seven Steps to Return On Design.

See how CSS boxes work

As part of the on-going quest to learn CSS, a test page is now available that illustrates the use of margin, padding and borders around CSS objects... and you can turn them off and on. You are invited to experiment and learn from these CSS Testing Sheets for Boxes!

Find Your Spammer's Domain Registrar

FredWith the new Can Spam law in place, it's time to start making a loud noise about spam. If your spam has an advertised link, then you can complain to the spammer's registrar... just follow these instructions to Get to the source of the spam!

Two Critiques: Photography Sites

Web designer and popular author/reviewer Mike Swope files these two site critiques: one claiming to be the "Best Stock Photography Site" -- and another where the site design possibly damages this iCi et la Photography site's very mission!

Formal Critique: Air Compressors

This time Bennie C. Taylor and WDR have teamed up to provide a rather extensive critique and make-over, including make-over screens of the Gajjar Air Compressor site

Web Critique: Aromatherapy defies expectations...

Our popular reviewer Mike Swope takes a look at the Aromatherapy of Rome Candles web site but asks: "Where's the product?"

Web Critique: Sites for Schools

Bennie C. Taylor turns her attention to a web site providing schools with web services... she even includes a pictorial suggestion for ""

Warm Color Advice

Mr. Pixelsmith gives some warm color advice to this "Mommy" site -- and more than a few solutions! Harmonizing Color for Unity

Mr. Pixelsmith answers questions

From the pages of DT&G, Mr. Pixelsmith, the resident graphics and color guru, takes on your questions about graphics and color in web site design. Mr. Pixelsmith

Robin Williams

WD&R catches up with Robin Williams to chat a bit about her wonderful Web Design Studio

Top 20 Web Design Tips

Marcelle Toor gives us a tour of key tips for designing web sites

Review Rant

Editor Rants about Reviews Submissions - who posts, and who doesn't post. If you want your site reviewed, you are requested to review other people's sites too ... from the editor

How's Your Gamma?

How do these photos look on YOUR monitor? There's been a lot of discussion about photos on the web, and how they look in various monitor gamma settings. Here, Mr. Pixelsmith helps you Test your Gamma

Developing an information model

JoAnn Hackos, PhD contributes a superb essay on getting your information architecture together for a lucid and usable web site structure.

How to shoot your web site in the foot

Doug Clifford of the Ace Camera Index shares his secrets to a successful online business these important Rules for Web Success

Mr. Pixelsmith Color Charts

following questions from readers, here's a collection of handy web design Color Charts

Site Critique: Air Discounters dot com

this web site shows a real success story of a site check on the WebDesign list... including Before and After

Site Review: Abbeymoore Manor

this review covers several months of reviews, and return visits. The author has developed a nice solution based on this series of critiques.

Usability: Fact or Fantasy?

In this pecial Feature Dr. Colin Ware, Ph.D, shares some thoughts from his Information Visualization: Perception for Design in this usability white paper.

Point / Counterpoint

Here we gather a counter opinion from a reader when we present the works of Jakob Nielsen on Web Usability... some interesting reading: The Practice of Simplicity

Novelty: Spam Backgrounds

Just for laughs... what happens when Mr. Pixelsmith cleans out his mailbox? You see lots of background images included in spam html email

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