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Web Page in a Day!

Design in Fireworks and build in Dreamweaver - A complete web page from conception to delivery

Joyce Evans You can pick up all the books you like on the topic of Fireworks and Dreamweaver -- and plod through your first CSS web site all by your self, or you can turn to web design and training veteran Joyce Evans to carry you through. You know Joyce from any of her top-selling books, or through her critiques and reviews right here in the Design Center.

"Web Page in a Day!" training CD has just been released by Joyce, with over 5 hours of training. The CD is recorded using the same informal method that users of the website love so much!

You'll be doing and learning, while the site is actually being designed and built. Unlike going it alone with code, text and Dreamweaver, when something doesn't test correctly in a browser then you get to see how to troubleshoot and make the changes that need to be done. Although you rarely have to ever touch the code in Dreamweaver, you will still look at it frequently so you understand what is going on behind the scenes. This is the best way to be able to troubleshoot your own projects -- it's also the best way to grasp CSS and many of the other concepts in designing for the web.

This Course is NOT about, Photoshop - CMYK, Tool by Tool training, Database Design -- and it's not boring or difficult! You learn by doing and you understand what you've done and learned

What's the course include?

Joyce EvansFirst, you'll start with a quick introduction to Web Design which includes a discussion on client interviews, proposals and contracts. You'll then move into Fireworks and a quick tour of the main areas you'll be using. Learn how to use Fireworks as a client comping tool, common graphic tasks including popup menus, optimize, export your site.

In Dreamweaver you'll start with a tour. Then using the panels, you'll learn how to do a total CSS layout using no tables! Along the way you'll also learn how to solve some of the problems Internet Explorer has.

Once the featured design is done, I'll show you how to reuse the code and switch out images creating a totally different look... all with the same layout code.

The training uses Dreamweaver 8 and Fireworks 8 but it is still suitable for the MX versions. Some of the popup menu code is Fireworks 8 specific but the MX versions also have a version of the menus (not nearly as good however). The CSS panel has a lot of changes in Dreamweaver 8 but what is taught can be done in the MX versions as well.

At just $69.95 (plus $4.95 shipping and handling) the CD will pay for itself with the first web site. Best of all, you'll be learning techniques you can use again and again.

See the Video IntroductionJoyce

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Joyce J. Evans

Joyce is a training veteran with over 10 years of experience in educational teaching, tutorial development, and Web design. Joyce has written over 10 Web Design related books and is available to teach custom courses for a group or for consultation.


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