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Find your spammer's host registrar

Who is a registrar? The company given the privilege of registering domains. It is their obligation to make sure all their registration clients have provided factual and valid information in the WhoIS. Those registrars who allow fraudulent WhoIS data risk losing their license to register domains. Once you find a falsified or fraudulent record it's time to complain and stir up trouble to get that domain closed.
      If by some chance the spammer has, in fact, registered accurate WhoIS info, then you can proceed to litigation in your state. As of January 1, 2004, the Can Spam law makes it a Felony to falsify headers in email. Report them to your local Attorney General's office. The sad part of this is off-shore Registrars have set up for the specific purpose of generating domains for spamming. These will be difficult to stop.
      As of January 20, 2004, these are the official Registrars as listed by InterNIC. The domain link takes you to the actual Registrar (Beware of spam and stalkers), but the "WhoIS" link takes you to the InterNIC description.

Instructions for International Registrars:

Anti-spam advocates would suggest you go to the Registrar's web site and capture as many email addresses as possible and CC them all with your complaints. You can also look them up in the business directorys to find the names and addresses of the directors of the Registrars... complain ot them as well.

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