Miss Aniela : A Surrealistic view

by Fred Showker


Photoshop Master Class tutorials We were thrilled to meet Natalie "Miss Aniela" Dybisz, a fine arts photographer when reviewing the book Adobe Master Class: Photoshop Inspiring artwork and tutorials by established and emerging artists. Miss Aniela is one of the artists interviewed, and she uses Photoshop to create some hauntingly surrealistic images.

IN the book, she shares a full tutorial on setting up and photographing one of her masterpieces. She talks about the thought process behind the modifications and adaptations she makes to the photo in Adobe Photoshop. She writes :

Quoting  begins I want to stir people to question and to think, intelligibly; about the problems, the beauty, and the conflict between them and the world around us. Quoting  ends


In her movie "KAI FACE" a giant photograph is digitally collaged with hundreds of ancient Chinese paintings. Creatures, objects, landscapes, lettering and leagues of people collide in one surrealistic remix. Many months of work went into creating the final piece, to hang in Kai Mayfair, an exquisite restaurant in west London which commissioned the piece especially for its space. This video intends to encapsulate the wealth of details in the image and the vast scale of its size, but which will always be best experienced 'in the flesh'. ENJOY

You can catch up with Miss Aniela at her web site www.missaniela.com and while you're there, seriously check out her library of articles for some insightful education. You'll also enjoy following Miss Aniela on Facebook www.facebook.com/missanielaph

Also be sure to see the beautiful art showcase book from Adobe Press htat features Miss Aniela, along with 29 other established and emerging Photoshop artists
GO Adobe Master Class: Photoshop Inspiring artwork and tutorials by established and emerging artists

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