Illustrator vector cupcakes and muffins!

by Ainsley Bevis

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Cupcake Sponge

4. Using the Ellipse Tool, draw a shape like below for the cupcake. Right click on the shape and click Arrange > Send to Back so it’s behind the cup.

Cupcake Frosting

5. Using a dark brown, draw the chocolate frosting using the pen tool.

now add the cake and the icing to your cupcake

6. Elsewhere on the canvas, with the pen tool, draw a think shape like below. With the shape selected click on the new brush icon in the Brushes Window and create a new brush with the settings below.

create a brush

7. Select the paintbrush tool, and draw some wavy lines using a darker colour using the brush you created. Experiment with the size of each wavy line.

8. Next set the colour to a white and draw some more swirly lines for the frosting and make the stroke size to 0.25.

using the custom brush to add the highlight details to your cupcake

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