Adorn your designs from the splendid Adorn, borders, banners and catchwords collection!

by Fred Showker

Laura Worthington extraordinary fonts Ladies and gentlemen, meet graphic designer and font virtuoso, Ms. Laura Worthington. We ran across Laura two years ago during the Fall Fonts Festival, and I earmarked her for a future piece. Well, during prep for December, I peeked in on her and WOW -- discovered "Adorn." Wow! This is not just a font, it's a period design genre!


The extraordinary toolkit that Laura has built into Adorn will make each designer’s creation one of a kind. She has thought of just about everything including stuff not usually associated with a font. Just look at the illustration above. Everything in that graphic came from Adorn. Seriously!


There are five (5) different scripts; two (2) different grotesques; three (3) different serifs, including a slab; then there are two (2) open/engraved, and believe it or not, a Copperplate! All these work together flawlessly. But that's not all.


CATCHWORDS, BANNERS, FRAMES, AND ORNAMENTS : Adorn offers four noteworthy extras catchwords, banners, frames, and ornaments. You'll get twenty Adorn catchwords, and you'll get twenty Adorn banners. Adorn Frames features twenty corner elements and nine sets of top, bottom, and side pieces, along with a detailed description in the User’s Guide on how to construct the frames. Then you also get 130 unique ornamental illustrations.


Laura writes :

Quoting  begins my passion for the craft, devotion to precision as I refine my creations along with my desire to provide designers with type that's rich with personality and versatility combine to form a body of work that offers practicality and aesthetic appeal. Each project is a journey that I undertake with enthusiasm and joyful discovery-and gratitude that my background in graphic design, calligraphy and typography have given me the opportunity to focus on what I love to do most. Quoting  ends

And that's good enough for me! But don't just take my word . . . go check this out right away -- there's still time for some scrumptuous design work for the holidays . . . and now you've got the perfect font collection for just that!

GO Laura Worthington's Extraordinary Alure Font Collection

And, ... there's more where this came from!
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