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This opportunity lets you help the Design Center publications; DTG Magazine and Photoshop Tips & Tricks continue their free service to the visual arts industry; while giving you recognition you deserve for supporting the arts.

IMPORTANT We love our Partners for their contributions... views or clicks !

When you support the arts, we believe you should receive due recognition -- whether it's clicks or impressions. Your $250 contribution to the Design Center aligns your online presence with one of the longest established, most trusted entities online -- since 1988. We'll say thank-you with:

  1. ROS BANNER BUTTON For 30-days we recognize you with a "Run of Site" button appearing on every page in the site. These do not rotate -- they are not replaced by other advertisers -- for 30-days, every visitor sees your recognition. (You can send your 125 x 125 pixel jpg or we are happy to create one for you) All you need to tell us is where it should take the viewer.
  2. Recognition continues for ONE YEAR, listed on our Partners page. We acquaint our readers with you through a short review. We've recognized our partners in this directory for over 20 years. When you support the Design Center, this is your recognition.
  3. We tell our readers about how you can benefit their professional activities in the site, and in the monthly DTG email newsletter; emailed to all subscribers -- most read, most trusted by readers. This also appears on the content area of the "DTG Magazine" page, and then in the department index page.
  4. We appreciate your suppor with Recognition for being a supporter on the front page. For ONE YEAR we'll remind readers who arrive on the front page, that you have sponsored a month, and are worthy of their visit to your web site! No, we are not kidding. Front Page recognition. How cool is that!
  5. NO WORRY, NO ANNOYANCES: No math. No special registrations or account log-ins. None of those annoying nuisances associated with other forms of web advertising. No complicated acronyms or manuals or policies to learn and remember. No need to worry about tracking unless you want to. Your Partner contribution of $250 is much appreciated, and will support the Design Center for a whole month -- no matter how many DTG readers see your name, your message or visit your web site, they know you're helping make the Design Center possible for THEM.

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What happens next?
Upon making your contribution, you receive an email with details and instructions.
We will even create the button for you if you wish.

Why is it so important to help support the Design Center?

Since 1994, more than 36-million readers have enjoyed the services of the Design Center. With an average of a quarter-million visitors each month, a major percentage of those readers visit least three pages or more in the web site. The main index, "&Else" news and Photoshop pages receive the most number of unique visitors at any given time - approximately 5.1 readers per minute with an average of three page views per session.

The DTG email newsletter averages nearly 60,000 signed subscribers who voluntarily provided email address, first/last name, city, state, country, profession, and computer platform. DTG averages 4 to 7% new subscriptions each month but experiences only about 2% unsubscribe rate per month. More than 27% of our subscribers have been members for 5-years or more -- many have been readers for 25-years or more! (Remember: the first six years DTG was published digitally, was not on the web -- it was via diskette, Compuserve and AOL.)

Focus of the Design Center covers: graphic arts & design, image editing, photography, digital photography, illustration, logo and graphic design, web design, web publishing, desktop publishing, typography, type, fonts, and other topics of matter to advertising designers, illustrators, photographers, and general visual communicators.

  • 92% have a college education,
  • 78% Are employed in the the visual communications field
  • 32% are self-employed
  • 38% are corporate or institutional "professionals" in the visual communications
  • 12% Are educators or involved in an EDU institution
  • 71% Women
  • 64% Own more than one computer
  • 27% Have been readers for more than 5 years.
    (Based on 2010 survey data of 48,000 readers)

Please feel free to call me any time to discuss a mutually beneficial strategic alliance: 540-433-8402 (USA - Eastern Time Zone)

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