Dan Winters: The Road to Seeing

by Fred Showker

Dan Winters

road_to_seeing You don't get this opportunity very often, so you have to take advantage while you can. Dan Winters' Road To Seeing is a monumental work of contemporary photography that everyone who handles a camera needs to see. This is not only a visual testament to the photographic art, it will become a collectors treasure. Be aware: it will not be available for long in this hardbound format. Photographer Bryan Jones writes in his Flickr stream : "Dan Winters road to seeing just arrived. Looks spectacular!" (right)

Whether as a gift, for yourself, classroom or business -- if you cherish the photographic art as wrought of silver halide, film and paper -- and want a piece of photographic history, don't delay!

After beginning his career as a photojournalist for a daily newspaper in southern California, Dan Winters moved to New York to begin a celebrated career that has since led to more than one hundred awards, including the Alfred Eisenstaedt Award for Magazine Photography. An immensely respected portrait photographer, Dan is well known for an impeccable use of light, color, and depth in his evocative images.

Road to Seeing

Dan Winters

In Road to Seeing, Dan shares his journey to becoming a photographer, as well as key moments in his career that have influenced and informed the decisions he has made and the path he has taken. Though this book appeals to the broader photography audience, it speaks primarily to the student of photography—whether enrolled in school or not—and addresses such topics as creating a visual language; the history of photography; the portfolio; street photography; personal projects; his portraiture work; and the need for key characteristics such as perseverance, awareness, curiosity, and reverence.

By relaying both personal experiences and a kind of philosophy on photography, Road to Seeing tells the reader how one photographer carved a path for himself, and in so doing, helps equip the reader to forge his own.

Road to Seeing Go now : Road to Seeing by Dan Winters (Hardcover)

Dan Winters

Dan Winters Interview

aPhotoEditor writes :

Quoting  begins Dan Winters is one of the most recognizable, awarded and sought-after editorial photographers in the world. I’ve worked with him a number of times, even visited his studio in Austin, but it wasn’t until I got the chance to interview him that I fully understood what makes him tick as a photographer. I think you will really enjoy reading what he had to say. Quoting  ends

Road to Seeing You can read part one of: aPhotoEditor's review here.
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REVIEW by Naina Redhu: Road To Seeing

Dan Winters

"I make it a habit to approach every picture as though it were my last." Fruitful yet tough habit to live by.

Quoting  begins Dan Winters’ Road To Seeing is about his journey as a person and as a photographer. Almost one-third of the start of the book is about the various jobs he held, his student days and his learning. The next section presents some of his well-known portraits and photographs with a 2-3 page accompanying article that describes his experiences and how he made that particular picture.
      The photographs Dan has shared are impeccable and the story that has been spun around them is beautiful. One of those books that inspire you to look at your own images in a different light. Make you more mindful of your process. Heighten your sensitivity to your craft. I’m thrilled to have this on my bookshelf and that I can pick it up whenever I need a shot of morale. To know that someone like Dan ( who didn’t start with being a photographer) can create such mesmerising work, gives inspiration in an industry that these days seems rife with mediocre and “just getting by” work, at least in India. Quoting  ends

Road to Seeing Full story : Road To Seeing, Dan Winters Naina.co photography Naina Redhu

Dan Winters Videos

These are on Vimeo, and not enabled for streaming, but they're finely entertaining and we think you'll like them
Road to Seeing Dan Winters Videos on vimeo

Photographic Winters Systems

Road to Seeing Photographic Winters Systems ... Dan Winters' web site
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The Gray Ghost ... Dan's post in the New Yorker

The Coney Island boardwalk, in 1987, shortly after Winters arrived in New York to take part in a workshop with the photojournalist Eddie Adams.
Road to Seeing Full story : www.newyorker.com
See more Click here for: The photo "Gray Ghost"

I don't endorse books very often, these days. But when I do -- they're well worth the effort. Books are becoming a lost art as digital technology takes over. But you just cannot miss this opportunity. It may be the last one you get -- to see the Road to Seeing

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