iPhone 3D Programming

by Staff

iPhone 3D Programming

What does it take to build an iPhone app with stunning 3D graphics? "iPhone 3D Programming" will show you how to apply OpenGL graphics programming techniques to any device running the iPhone OS--including the iPad and iPod Touch--with no iPhone development or 3D graphics experience required. iPhone 3D Programming provides clear step-by-step instructions, as well as lots of practical advice, for using the iPhone SDK and OpenGL.

Expert developer and author Philip Rideout says:

Quoting  begins It's impossible to underestimate the importance of the intersection of two technologies: real-time graphics and Apple's mobile platform ... This is the only book that fits perfectly into both worlds. Many of the skills and techniques covered in the book can be applied to other mobile platforms which might become more relevant in the future, including Android. Quoting  ends

With "iPhone 3D Programming," you'll build several graphics programs--progressing from simple to more complex examples--that focus on lighting, textures, blending, augmented reality, optimization for performance and speed, and much more. All you need to get started is a solid understanding of C++ and a great idea for an app.

While reading this book, you will:

  • Learn fundamental graphics concepts, including transformation matrices, quaternions, and more
  • Get set up for iPhone development with the Xcode environment
  • Become familiar with versions 1.1 and 2.0 of the OpenGL ES API, and learn to use vertex buffer objects, lighting, texturing, and shaders
  • Use the iPhone's touch screen, compass, and accelerometer to build interactivity into graphics applications
  • Build iPhone graphics applications such as a 3D wireframe viewer, a simple augmented reality application, a spring system simulation, and more

Rideout continues...

Quoting  begins This book can be used with any device that runs the iPhone operating system ... This includes the iPod Touch, and most importantly, the iPad. The iPad, with its much larger visual real estate, opens up a whole new space for mobile graphics applications, and its recent release coincides quite well with the book. Quoting  ends

Philip Rideout has years of professional experience with the OpenGL ES API at NVIDIA, where his primary duty has been developing tools for the API. Philip has over ten years of computer graphics experience, and has worked at several pioneering graphics companies, including Intergraph, 3DLabs, and NVIDIA. Philip currently works at Medical Simulation Corporation in Denver, developing graphically-rich training software for heart surgeons.

coveriPhone 3D Programming
Philip Rideout
448 pages, Book Price: $39.99 USD, Ebook Price: $31.99 USD

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