The Business of being an Artist

by Staff

coverThe Business of Being an Artist -- In the fourth edition of this essential artists' reference, art world insider Daniel Grant offers a comprehensive guide to making a living through art. This new edition has been updated to include sections on how to market and sell art in a weak economy and how to succeed in the business of marketing online, including tips on creating a successful Web site and blog. The Business of Being an Artist by Daniel Grant

Q&A with Tad Crawford

coverAllworth Press' highly-acclaimed flagship reference is now in its fifth edition. Legal Guide for the Visual Artist by Allworth Press publisher and widely recognized visual arts authority, Tad Crawford, is completely revised and updated to provide an in-depth view of the legal issues facing the visual artist today and to give practical legal guidance for any visual artist involved with creative work.

Inside the Mind of Allworth Publisher Tad Crawford

Q: What's motivating or inspiring you either personally or professionally, now or in the past?

As an author myself, I had a strong desire to help authors and artists protect their rights and profit from their creations. This motivated me to teach law for artists at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and to write Legal Guide for the Visual Artist.

Q: Name one thing you'd still like to accomplish personally or professionally?

Crawford: I've recently published fiction in journals such as The Cafe Irreal and Forge. I would like to continue writing and publishing fiction and hearing from readers about this work.

Q: What advice would you offer artists?

Crawford: Pursue your art from your depths, your heart, but keep in mind the business aspects of bringing what you create into the world.

Q: Person who has most influenced your career? Why?

Crawford: My mother always believed in my ability and was a great source of support.

Q: A little-known fact about you?

Crawford: I studied dance for many years with the Erick Hawkins Modern Dance Company.

Q: Favorite book, film, TV or type of music?

Crawford: These days I'm particularly enjoying everything Japanese. I enjoy Butoh dance and books like Botchan by Soseki.

Q: Next on your reading list?

Crawford: Kusamakura by Soseki.

Book Excerpt: The Business of Art

This is the fifth edition of Legal Guide for the Visual Artist. The book has a broad scope and uses "visual artist" to include cartoonists, craftspeople, graphic designers, illustrators, painters, photographers, printmakers, sculptors, and textile designers. All of the people in these categories are artists, and all need and will benefit from the information offered in this book.

What I find remarkable in looking back to 1977 when I wrote the first edition of Legal Guide is how legal protections have expanded for artists and how technology has changed the way in which information, including the information contained in art, can be processed and disseminated to the public. The text will elaborate these themes, but certainly the passage of the Visual Artists Rights Act and the rapid evolution of digital technologies are dramatic examples of the legal and technological changes affecting artists.

This classic guide for artists is completely revised and updated to provide an in-depth view of the legal issues facing the visual artist today and provides practical legal guidance for any visual artist involved with creative work. Among the many new topics covered in this comprehensive guide are: detailed coverage of the myriad developments in copyright (including online copyright registration procedures and use of art on the Internet); changes in laws protecting artists in artist-gallery relationships are explained in depth; scope of First Amendment protections for graffiti art and the sale of art in public spaces; detailed as well as new cases dealing with art and privacy; and a model contract for Web site design and much more.

GO coverThe Business of Art The book also covers copyrights, moral rights, contracts, licensing, sales, special risks and protections for art and artists, book publishing, video and multimedia works, leases, taxation, estate planning, museums, collecting, grants, and how to find the best professional advisers and attorneys. In addition, the book suggests basic strategies for negotiation, gives information to help with further action, contains many sample legal forms and contracts, and shows how to locate artists' groups and Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts organizations.

coverBusiness and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers

New Third Edition! Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers provides 40 essential forms and checklists -all ready to copy and put to immediate use in any graphic design studio!
      Each form includes step-by-step instructions and can be used as is, or easily tailored to meet a specific business situation. This latest edition features brand-new forms for employment and lease agreements, as well as revised examples of letter of interest, estimate for client, preliminary budget and schedule report, purchase order, status report, contracts with illustrator/photographer/printer, nondisclosure agreements, copyright application, and much more.
      Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers also includes standard contractual advice, surefire business systems, and hundreds of no-nonsense tips for managing the office, getting clients, and negotiating the best deals. Plus, an accompanying CD-ROM offers electronic copies of all these forms in both Mac and PC formats. Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers

coverBusiness and Legal Forms for Photographers

Business and Legal Forms for Photographers, 4th Edition contains 34 forms for photographers, each accompanied by step-by-step instructions, advice on standard contractual provisions, and unique negotiation checklists to guide professionals to the best deal. Included are contracts for wedding, portrait, and assignment photography; publishing, collaboration, and licensing contracts; property and model releases; assignment estimate/confirmation/invoice; delivery memo; stock photography invoice; stock agency agreement; permission form; copyright registration and transfer forms; nondisclosure agreement; license of rights; license of electronic rights; trademark application; employment application and agreement; and more. Included is a CD-ROM containing electronic versions of each form. New to this edition are forms for leases, subleases, and lease assignments, plus an update to cover changes in copyright registration ... Business and Legal Forms for Photographers

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