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IDGIDG Connect with e-Editor Kasey Cassells sent in these three white papers to fill you in on upcoming issues that will effect Social Media on the web * New Paper Explains ROI of Social Media * Security: 2011 Survey Reveals Latest Social Media Threats * 2013: Gartner Shows the Future is Social CRM. Download to read, but registration is required.

In the Global Roundup this week is a social media special. You'll find tips on calculating the return on investment of social media, a 2011 threat report and a paper on the importance of social CRM. A recent Gartner report claims that by 2013, spending on social software is set to reach $1billion. Do you agree that social CRM is set to rise?

The Opportunity: Gaining ROI from Social Media

Social media is here to stay, and companies are becoming more comfortable with and more reliant upon its business use. Brands that look beyond short term sales goals and use social media to fuel improvements across the business will be the big winners in 2011 and beyond. This paper reveals the true value of the customer voice and explains how to link company revenue to social media to gain maximum return on investment (ROI) through social media.
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The Risk: 2011 Social Media Threat Report

Many organizations today are already taking advantage of social media, and are reaping its benefits. However, as it grows in popularity, social media is becoming a target for cybercrime, and your employees' use of these sites could also cause problems. This new threat report from Sophos highlights the dangers of the web in 2011, including the social media risks to look out for. Download now and learn how to make the most of emerging technology while avoiding the dangers.
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The Future: Gartner Predicts Social CRM will Explode

The latest research from Gartner suggests Social CRM is the next big business trend. Implemented properly, social CRM can help your company build and maintain valuable customer relationships. To gain the full benefit of social CRM it is important to carefully plan a long-term strategy. Read this guide to Social CRM now and learn how to engage deeply with your customers through the latest social technologies.
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