DiskLibrary now Snow

by Staff
For some time, we've recommended DiskLibrary as the easy-to-use disk cataloging solution for Mac OS X. DiskLibrary is indispensable if you have a lot of media to keep track of. DiskLibrary catalogs not just your complete file structure, it also creates thumbnails, and stores metadata, for most popular media formats. DiskLibrary is capable of importing export formats from CDFinder, FileFinder, WhereIsIt, DiskCatalogMaker X and DiskTracker.


DiskLibrary Features:
* One-window media cataloger
* Index file structures of remote or internal discs
* Create beautiful thumbnails for your media files
* Catalog Metadata for media files
* Smart Folders with dynamic search results
* Clear and Easy User Interface
* Look Inside archives
* Advance Search
* Quick Look support
* Drag and Drop Support
* Import Third-Party Catalogs

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.6 or later * 150 MB free hard disk space * Universal Binary for PowerPC (G4) & Intel processors

Pricing and Availability: DiskLibrary 1.9.4 is available to order for $39 (USD). The DiskLibrary demo version is available as a free download from the Obvious Matter website.

DiskLibrary 1.9.4
Download DiskLibrary: DiskLibrary-1.9.4.zip

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