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 FileMaker Update Manager Goya Pty Ltd has released FileMaker Update Manager tool, RefreshFM to complement BaseElements, their highly regarded solution analysis tool. RefreshFM is the only commercial developer tool available that builds, runs and manages an import process for FileMaker solutions and lets developers update from old, live versions to a new development version with minimal intervention and complete control.

RefreshFM lets you build a complete update process for a FileMaker solution, and run that import at any time. This allows you to have a fast, well managed, completely error checked upgrade process for your solutions in the shortest possible time frame.

RefreshFM features:

  • Complete solution integration, no items are missed
  • All tables are included, all serial fields are identified and set
  • Every step is error checked and confirmed before continuing
  • It requires no modification to either the new or old files

By taking advantage of an update process using RefreshFM, developers are able to:

  • Have imports run in the least possible amount of time
  • Deliver a new version via a single update file, regardless of the number of solution files
  • Test the import process in advance and confirm all aspects of it are according to plan
  • Test the import as many times as required without having to re-do any work
  • Back out of any import process with a single click and revert to pre-update versions
  • Create a new update process from scratch any time, in a matter of minutes

Goya developer, Darrin Southern said

Quoting begins We're really exited about this product. We've been using it with our own clients for a long time now, and the ability to deliver updates with a minmum of effort is not only a huge time saver, but also takes all of the stress out of our update process. We wouldn't do an update without it any more. Quoting ends

Developers who are attending the FileMaker Developer Conference in San Diego can see a copy of RefreshFM in action by visiting the Goya booth at the Exhibitor Hall.

RefreshFM is a set of FileMaker files, built with FileMaker Pro 11, and also includes the free and open source BaseElements plugin. RefreshFM runs in FileMaker 11, but can update a solution from any version of FileMaker, from 7 onwards.

RefreshFM is available now for $299 (USD) for a Developer licence. The developer licence allows you to create and update an unlimited number of solutions. A distribution licence that allows you to bundle RefreshFM into your own products is also available, but currently in beta. Full details of the distribution pricing and options will be available at a later date. Category:

Goya: RefreshFM Goya: RefreshFM
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Goya: RefreshFM: 30 Day Demo Goya: RefreshFM: 30 Day Demo

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Goya Pty Ltd has been a leading expert in FileMaker Pro development for over 12 years, with a diverse client list covering a similarly wide range of industries. By leveraging depth of experience and a tremendous library of existing modules, Goya has established strategic relationships with other FileMaker Pro developers by making available their suite of developer tools as well. Goya Pty Ltd is Nicholas Orr, Darrin Southern and Ki Lau. FileMaker, and the FileMaker logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of FileMaker Incorporated in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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