Making a profit in Desktop Publishing

by Fred Showker

Graphic Designer's Guide to Pricing Profit -- in order to survive as a graphic designer you have got to have it. Winning awards and securing top clients are highlights of any graphic designer's career, but to achieve the ultimate success graphic designers must develop business savvy. While budgeting and pricing issues may not be the highlight of the job for most graphic designers, according to award-winning design pro Theo Stephan Williams, graphic design can and should be a very lucrative industry and just how profitable you are goes back to basics: pricing, estimating, and budgeting. The third edition of The Graphic Designer's Guide to Pricing, Estimating & Budgeting, provides graphic design professionals with even more useful and creative methods for establishing a profitable graphic design business.

Williams, who has never forgotten her own painful journey to success, covers all of the details, from setting rates and dealing with competitors' pricing to establishing and managing budgets and positioning the brand of the firm.

Author Theo Stephan Williams advises

Quoting  begins Exactly one year after breaking free from the entanglements of the corporate ball-and-chain, I bought my own home and created a nice studio space to welcome clients and vendors. And I did it all with profit. You can profit, too, by establishing guidelines and simple disciplines for yourself that will soon begin ticking like clockwork! Quoting  ends

The third edition has been updated to include additional material on time management, expanded coverage of Web and multimedia pricing, and numerous new interviews with leading designers. It also features clearly written advice and first-hand experiences that will be indispensable to both professional and aspiring designers. Readers will discover how to:

  • prepare estimates
  • negotiate with clients
  • draft proposals
  • determine an hourly rate
  • use different pricing methods
  • choose financial management software
  • establish a productive work environment

The Graphic Designer's Guide to Pricing, Estimating & Budgeting is an invaluable industry guide focusing on the crucial aspects of running a graphic design business.

Quoting  begins The roles that you play as initiator, contributor, information seeker, opinion maker, information giver, elaborator, coordinator, orienter, mediator, evaluator, energizer, technician, lawyer, accountant, motivator, harmonizer, compromiser, and expediter all tie into the ultimate reasons for this book . . . Pricing, estimating, budgeting, and everything involving those three things in our industry are more than a royal pain-and everyone knows it-but even the big guys have to get down to basics. Quoting  ends

The Graphic Designer's Guide to Pricing, Estimating & Budgeting
By Theo Stephan Williams
Third Edition, 6 x 9, 256 pages

Theo Stephan Williams is the founder of Real Art Design Group, Inc., an award-winning, full-service graphics firm whose international client-base has included Universal Studios Hollywood, the Walt Disney Company, General Motors, and the Mead Corporation. The author of The Streetwise Guide to Freelance Graphic Design and Illustration and Creative Utopia: 12 Ways to Realize Total Creativity, she has taught college courses in design theory and has spoken at conferences and seminars about pricing, budgeting, and communication in the creative industry. She and her family live in Los Olivos, California.

Fred Niles, Chair of the Department of Visual Arts, University of Dayton says:

Quoting  begins Comprehensive and comprehensible! Recent graduates, freelance designers, those about to go 'on their own,' and veteran designers who have never truly understood how to put a value on their work will benefit from this excellent book. Personal business anecdotes give life to information that often causes the eyes of 'creatives' to glaze over. This could be the most valuable book in your design library. Quoting  ends

Linda Souders, Souders Engst Design

Quoting  begins Straightforward, sprinkled with just the right amount of humor, and packed full of clear, useable information, Theo Williams' pearls of wisdom belong on every graphic designer's bookcase, right next to Graphic Artists Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines. This is a gold mine of information from the frontlines and behind the scenes of the graphic design industry. Quoting  ends

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