Marketing Update 1106-23

by Fred Showker

Marketing update for April This marketing update comes close on the heels of the last one with important reading for graphic designers, media people, and those in marketing and advertising ... * The golden age of advertising * Direct mail marketing bouncing back with economy * 5 Ideas to Market Your Company in the Digital Age * Researchers To Marketers: Go Social, Mobile * Reconciling Traditional and Digital Marketing * Social Content Seeding for SEO ... and more

5 Ideas to Market Your Company in the Digital Age

The game has changed -- or, rather -- the game is changing. The way we conduct business today is drastically different than it was a few years ago, and it's still evolving. The internet, and specifically social media, has changed the way people and companies communicate in ways that you can't ignore.
      To succeed in business today, you have to change the way you communicate.

Researchers To Marketers: Go Social, Mobile

Two reports released Monday underscored the increasing importance of social media in the marketing scheme.
      As part of its wide-ranging study, "Competitive Strategy In the Age of the Customer," Forrester said that marketers should reallocate budgets from brand advertising to "useful content and interactive advertising."
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Reconciling Traditional and Digital Marketing

What do you do when your digital partners passionately complain that people "just don't get the new reality" -- and your other agency partners assure you that the traditional notions of branding and marketing haven't really changed? You listen.
      The gloom-and-doom digital prophets who foretold that the world would be unrecognizable in 10 years turned out to be premature to an extent that we still haven't sorted out. But they had a few points, didn't they? Does anyone now disagree that digital is one of the most critical components of the marketing mix?
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Social Content Seeding for SEO

Social media budgets often takes a backseat to search. After all, it's easier to measure the ROI of search, so marketers see it as a safer bet. First, it's easier to tie SEO and PPC directly to sales than, say, tweets or Facebook likes. Second, search offers an element of intentional targeting: whereas social users log-on to socialize, search users are actively looking for something -- and probably that much closer to a purchasing decisions.
      But the social evolution of SEO has brought search and social closer together. Specifically, now that social signals impact rankings, marketers need to invest social as part of their SEO strategy.
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60% Of Mobile Users Click Ads Weekly

More than 60% of mobile consumers click on mobile ads at least once a week, according to new research from mobile ad network Mojiva and InsightExpress. Of that group, about 20% are especially responsive, clicking on ads several times a day.
      The study, based on a poll of 100 random users on the network, also found that about half or more of respondents would be willing to play a game, download an application, visit a Web site or watch a video as a result of seeing an ad. Less than a quarter (22%) said they would go as far as purchasing a product and only 17% would use an ad's tap-to-call feature.
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The golden age of advertising

We are in our Golden Age. Sorry, it wasn't the age of Mad Men. Those were the Dark Ages. I, like most, worship those days. It had its appeal. There were brilliant people creating at that time.
      But looking back, they had so few tools the effort were the equivalent of beating a log drum compared to conducting a symphony orchestra. Today we have the opportunity to engage a consumer in a duet compared to singing a solo to them. Listening to a song entertains, but singing along makes you a part of the music. The human appeal to communication today and the advertising of yesterday is like comparing traveling across country in 2011 versus doing so in the 1850s.

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