New DiskWrangler update

by Staff

DiskWrangler DiskWrangler allows Mac users to launch any file with the application of their choice, even in Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) which has changed the rules Mac users are accustomed to regarding file launching. Now, The PandaWare Company has updated its Mac OS X file launching and browsing utility, DiskWrangler, to version 3.1. The version 3.1 update offers a number of improvements when running in Snow Leopard, a cleaner, more focused interface, faster file copying and a number of other improvements.

DiskWrangler allows users to launch applications by themselves, or launch files with the applications they specify. You can use it to launch files with different applications for different tasks, or even to use different versions of applications as needs arise. In addition to launching files and applications, DiskWrangler also launches Web and email URLs, and allows creating sets of files and applications to launch simultaneously.


DiskWrangler's file browser lets users copy and move files, and manipulate them in other ways, all via keyboard or mouse. It allows viewing invisible files and files that belong to Mac OS X's Unix underpinnings. DiskWrangler also includes a Find File feature and an option for exporting disk or folder content listings.

DiskWrangler is a Universal Binary Macintosh application. It works with Mac OS X 10.3 or higher. Free 30-Day Trial, $25.00 License. Mac OS X users can try PandaWare DiskWrangler for free by downloading a copy from The PandaWare Company's Web site. It offers full functionality in trial mode for up to 30 days. Purchasing a license allows unlocking DiskWrangler for unlimited use. Licenses are $25.00 USD per user.

GO PandaWare DiskWrangler 3.1
GO Download DiskWrangler: diskwrangler3.dmg

The PandaWare Company has been producing Macintosh software since 1991. The company is best known for its TimeCache time and expense tracking software for individuals and companies who bill clients for project work. The company also sells Simple Help Editor, a cross-platform help authoring application.

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