Emotional Branding

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Emotional Branding

President Obama's grasp of digital brand strategy revolutionized American politics and became one of the most important examples of social media branding of this era. Now more than ever new generations are re-inventing politics, business, commerce, and management by leveraging the power of the web. In the revised edition of Emotional Branding, author Marc Gobe expands on his original visionary insights to reflect the next generation of connecting brands to people. This 2.0 version embraces the emergence of social media, consumer empowerment, and democracy -- which hardly existed when Emotional Branding was first published in 2001 -- and explores in depth how Twitter, Facebook, and the other social media Web sites are the new frontier for the exercise of emotional branding.

Author Gobe observes

Quoting  begins The world is adapting to the Web, and for those brands that think they can master and dominate this audience -- good luck. In this world, people rule! This is a new world that will stimulate and expand our thinking and creativity, bring forward new leaders, and unleash new forces, good or bad. Welcome to the new nation, welcome to the future and to the medium where brands will have to adapt and redefine their roles in connecting with people in this new environment. Quoting  ends

Since Emotional Branding was published in 2001 over six million people have searched "emotional branding" on Google. It has become a coined term used by top industry executives to express the new dynamics between brands and people. Gobe's "10 commandments" of Emotional Branding have also become a new benchmark for marketing and creative professionals. Brand strategists, designers, marketers, advertisers, market researchers, and students of design and marketing strategy will all find Emotional Branding an insightful and enlightening approach to understanding the consumer and building a brand.

The revised edition includes chapters on:

  • How social media are impacting corporate cultures
  • The new role of advertising as people are moving from TV to laptops and
  • cell phones
  • Targeting Baby Boomers as well as the X,Y, and eXcel generations
  • Selling to gays and specific cultural groups
  • The expanding role of women as shoppers

In 2001 Emotional Branding launched a revolution in brand strategy and became a business bestseller. The revised edition continues the revolution by explaining how these changes affect the way consumers respond to brands and offering an approach to building and maintaining emotional relationships with consumers in this new era.

Gary Knell, President & CEO, Sesame Workshop says

Quoting  begins Brands are not what you say -- they're built on what you do -- Marc taps into the critical elements that made the difference in capturing an audience and sustaining this relationship to a brand. Emotional Branding presents the clear plan needed to make a brand a success in today's market. Marc is always a decade ahead of the curve in his vision of the brand and consumer connection. First, brand as persona, emotionally connecting, and now holistically connecting brands and social communities on the Internet - the ultimate link. Quoting  ends

The New Paradigm for Connecting Brands to PeopleEmotional Branding coverEmotional Branding
The New Paradigm for Connecting Brands to People
By Marc Gobe
Revised Edition

Marc Gobe is the co-founder and former CEO of Desgrippes Gobe (now Brandimage), one of the top 10 branding firms in the world. He is now the President of Emotional Branding, LLC, a NY-based experimental think tank and consulting firm whose mission is to create content for online experiences. As a featured speaker for Leading Speakers Bureau, Marc Gobe has made numerous appearances worldwide at trade association conferences including The Conference Board, Global Shop, and the AIGA on marketing, innovation, and design. He has been a welcome guest at major universities such as Columbia University, FIT, Baruch, Boston University, Ohio State, INSTEAD Barcelona, and Essec in France. Additionally, Marc has been invited to share his insights on Emotional Branding by addressing top corporate executives from Danone, Universal McCann, Coca-Cola, Motorola, Estee Lauder, Proctor & Gamble, General Motors, Peugeot, AOL, Samsung, JP Morgan, Merck, CBC Canada, and many others. He is also the author of Brandjam and Citizen Brand. You can join him at www.emotionalbranding.com or follow him on Twitter: @gobe.

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