Marketing Update : Changing Trends, Rebranding, Marketing Budgets, Effective Video and the perfect email subject line

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Marketing update for graphic designersLet's start fine-tuning our efforts, and learn more so we can be more effective for our clients! Last week got us off to a good start into the spring market push, let's continue on that path! Let's take a look at this week's marketing update :
[*] Seven Trends Changing the Ways Brands Market to Consumers
[*] Rebranding without losing your hard-earned rankings
[*] Infographic: Digital Marketing Budgets Getting a Boost
[*] Roadblocks to Epic Customer Experiences: Marketers
[*] Four Rules for Telling an Effective Video Story
[*] How to craft the perfect email subject line
[*] Make your brand more relatable
and more!

Your Five-Point Mobile Marketing Checklist

So many mobile marketing options are available... But where does one start? Is SMS still relevant? Should you focus on mobile search? What about mobile banner ads and video?
      To help marketers navigate the ever-changing mobile landscape, here's a checklist of five key smartphone channels to focus on for the rest of 2014.
      1. Social Media on Mobile 2. Mobile Banner Ads 3. Mobile Video 4. Mobile Native Ads 5. Content Syndication
This article is based on an excerpt from "A Complete Guide to Mobile Marketing for 2014, Third Edition."
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Rebranding without losing your hard-earned rankings

To adequately address the rebrand, it's important to understand the reason the rebrand is occurring. Is there a merger of two companies, creating an altogether new brand? Is one company (brand) being acquired and absorbed into another company (brand)? Or is your brand just in need of a refresh?
      These questions are important because they affect how you'll address SEO in each situation.
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Make your brand more relatable

The ability to tell a story is a fundamental skill that all good brand communicators should possess. Storytelling not only shares information, it makes that information relatable to the audience, humanizing complex ideas and offering fresh perspectives.
      Christopher Hammond, senior vice president of corporate communications for Wells Fargo, shares some tips here on how to enhance your brand’s message through storytelling.
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Seven Trends Changing the Ways Brands Market to Consumers

Marketing has changed so much in the last decade that when a new tactic arrives, it can be difficult to identify. Marketing strategies are continually being molded and reshaped by technology innovations. Whether brand marketers and their creative partners are producing a low-tech Vine video, a pedestrian shelter, connected underwear or a real-time music video, a few underlying principles still apply.
      This report explores the thinking behind the ways marketers and their creative agencies engage with consumers through building communities, co-creating with audiences, using social-media news desks to produce micro video, partnering with media creators on content incubators, creating interactive outdoor campaigns, inventing with wearable technologies and rethinking approaches to packaging design and brand identity.
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Four Rules for Telling an Effective Video Story

Video storytelling is within your reach if you know how this popular medium affects your message.
      Video content is a crucial part of your association’s strategy. In addition to the search benefits (YouTube is the world’s #2 search engine), the medium offers a powerful way to tell your story and drive action.
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Infographic: Digital Marketing Budgets Getting a Boost

For the first time since Econsultancy began monitoring marketing budget plans and intentions, marketers 'are more likely to be increasing their overall marketing budgets for the year ahead.'
      The new Marketing Budgets Report 2014 presents a comprehensive slate of data derived from a survey of hundreds of companies and agency marketers during the last two months. The following infographic highlights the most important findings contained in the new report.
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Roadblocks to Epic Customer Experiences: Marketers

Delivering relevant and remarkable customer experience is easier said than done. It takes a special combination of data and analytics; great storytelling and visual content; delightful social engagement; a consistent, multichannel presence; strong customer service; and agile, long-term strategy.
      Throw in value-added apps, responsive design and personalization, and you’ve got a tall order for any company to fill.
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How to craft the perfect email subject line

According to some estimates, more than 144 billion emails are sent every day, and sometimes, it seems like every one of them lands in your inbox. Even those of us who are tasked with creating email marketing campaigns aren’t immune to information overload: We all know what it’s like to be bombarded with email messages – all competing for a share of our attention during a busy day.
      If it’s your job to come up with a subject line that is compelling enough to cut through all that clutter, it’s a good idea to leverage your experience as an email recipient to help you craft the perfect subject line. What gets your attention? How do you decide which emails to trash unopened and which to read?
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