Media Update 1106-17

by Fred Showker

Media & publishing update for June Social Media is taking over, so appropriately, we're covering some of the highlights in the media that can help you make the most of it ... enjoy : * 3 Advanced Approaches to Web Analytics Tagging * 5 LinkedIn Tips You Didn't Know * 5 Strategic Secrets No One Tells You About Social Media * 7 Steps to the Perfect Social Media Plan * Ad Growing Pains for Twitter * Analyzing the metered model ... and more

3 Advanced Approaches to Web Analytics Tagging

Garry Przyklenk writing for SearchEngineWatch writes:
      I bet you didn't think there was more than one advanced approach to web analytics tagging, did you? Sadly, there are many approaches to tracking visitors to websites, some of which have been around since the advent of mainframe computing (which should have probably been retired back then too!).
      But with great choice comes great opportunity to define advanced segments, workaround organizational immaturity, and gain the upper hand on cross-browser and cross-device compatibility issues.
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5 LinkedIn Tips You Didn't Know

It may not be as dramatic as Twitter or as ubiquitous as Facebook, but LinkedIn attracts dedicated users who are serious about business. Here's how to connect with them using the fast-growing service's most powerful new tools.
      Whether it's Mark Zuckerberg talking about killing pigs or a Hollywood blockbuster under its belt, Facebook has plenty of attention in our lives. Twitter falls into the same camp. From Justin Bieber's noisy 10 million followers to hordes of social media gurus tweeting the benefits of 140 characters or less, it's easy to discover how and what makes Twitter work. However, there is one social network that lacks drama but makes up for it with a devoted business community and plenty of compelling features.
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5 Strategic Secrets No One Tells You About Social Media

The best social media strategy is the one that works for your business. It will differ from your competitors because your company has a unique culture that creates specific expectations from your customers. Your relationship with them is determined by how well you meet those expectations. This has to be the primary consideration when choosing social media platforms and participation tactics.
      The established rules of engagement are guidelines based on individual preferences and theories not proven results. Companies with successful strategies break the rules every day.
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7 Steps to the Perfect Social Media Plan

Do you dream about the perfect social media plan? The perfect social media template? Many business leaders wanting to get social dream about it. They think they need it. The social media magic template. The one that includes the perfect strategy, tactics and themselves as the social hero of their company and social superstar of their market niche!
      You know the social media template I am talking about. The one that will help you see a positive return on investment where everything is measurable and justifiable to stakeholders. The one that will make the boss scream with delight and as a result result enable you to keep your job or even get a promotion!
The question is does the perfect social media template or strategy for your business exist?
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Ad Growing Pains for Twitter

Advertisers Seek Better Targeting, Analytics From Social Network
      Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey returned to the company and walked right into a micro tweet-storm: a new feature dubbed "QuickBar" rolled out on its own mobile app, triggering backlash from vocal users, in part because it placed a Twitter ad product, "Promoted Trends," on top of users' friends' missives.
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Analyzing the metered model

The metered model deserves a closer look. One the dirtiest little secrets of the online media business is the actual number of truly loyal readers -- as opposed to fly-bys. No one really wants to know (let alone let anyone else know). Using a broad brush, about half of the audience is composed of casual users dropping by less than 3 times a month, or sent by search engines; 25% come more than 10 times a month.
      Over the years, as audience segmentation increased, media buyers (and publishers) selected the simplistic counting of Unique Visitors (UVs) as the metric of choice. In the meantime, all forms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) outfits have further elevated the collecting UVs as the primary goal for online publishers. Along with that practice came cheating. In order to inflate their UV numbers, many large news sites now rely on third party services such games that have nothing to do with their core business.

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