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Consumers hesitant to embrace e-reader advertising; opt for tangible, but targeted, experiences in magazines -- CMO Council finds magazine readers looking to be more fully embraced by publishers to mold more relevant experiences in content and advertising

CMO council global sports Consumers are holding on to their magazines, not ready to join the e-reader revolution, but are open to change in the form of more relevant and targeted, personalized advertising engagements according to a new study from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council. The consumer poll, part of the CMO Council's Precision Promotion campaign, continues the investigation on the impact of data-driven customer engagements on loyalty, advocacy and bottom line business growth, this time taking the step to understanding customer experience demands in the magazine publishing space.

According to the over 1,000 consumers polled in an online survey, sponsored by InfoPrint Solutions Company, 67 percent feel that e-readers have their place, but prefer holding a magazine. And, 87 percent say they will continue to favor their print magazine subscriptions. And while marketers scramble to leverage new platforms like the iPad and other digital readers, consumers are wondering if the advertising, no matter how relevant or personal, will be more intrusion than experience. Only 41 percent of consumers would respond to personalized magazine advertising delivered via a digital reader, versus 63 percent who would opt in for the next step on engagement through a printed subscription.

Liz Miller, Vice President, Programs and Operations of the CMO Council said

Liz Miller
Quoting  begins The magazine publishing industry isn't lacking in readers or consumer supporters ... Consumers view magazines as part of an overall experience, likely rooted in leisure and relaxation. The advertising within print publications is viewed as part of that experience, similar to the commercials during the Super Bowl. What is telling is that regardless of channel, consumers are demanding a more personalized engagement, not necessarily a more digital one when it comes to their leisure time publications. Quoting  ends

92 percent of magazine subscribers receive their magazines in a printed format. When asked about delivery channel preference, 90 percent indicate they prefer the printed pubs to the e-reader or online compatriot though 24 percent predict they will eventually migrate to digital delivery. Despite this apparent affinity and loyalty, publishers have yet to tap into their customer base to determine how to best deliver content and promotions as only 30 percent of consumers have ever been surveyed to gather insights into preference. Yet, 67 percent of readers would happily participate in a survey exercise if it meant the delivery of more relevant, targeted content and promotions. And, 78 percent of consumers admit that relevant, personalized content and promotions would increase their advocacy and loyalty.

Sandra Zoratti, Vice President of Marketing Solutions at InfoPrint Solutions Company stated

Sandra Zoratti
Quoting  begins Relevance reigns again as consumers demand more use of their own preferences, regardless of what channel advertisers choose to leverage ... Publishers are looking for ways to offer marketers more robust and attractive advertising options, but the most measurable, trackable and targeted approach has yet to be deployed. Precision Marketing techniques, regardless of channel, will ensure that publishers retain and build loyalty and advocacy among their readership, marketers achieve measurable, quality engagements with consumers, and consumers get what they want in the channel they most value. Quoting  ends

Detailed findings of the online consumer survey can be downloaded : form-leveraging-loyalty.asp. (Requires a registration!) The 12-page white paper outlines the greatest challenges facing marketers and publishers, along with the detailed responses from magazine reading consumers. To learn more about the CMO Council's Precision Promotion campaign, please visit

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