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Support the Design Center and we'll send you tons of traffic. Unlike other online media schemes, your contribution reaches a ready market without the headaches of dealing with media-buys, intermediary vendors, or even counting pennies. It's the most simple program online, and probably one of the best ROI.

A PENNY per pair (of eyes)a penny per pair of eyes

Each and every month for the past 20 years, the DTG Newsletter has been mailed to an average 35,000 to 40,000 readers who specifically opted-in for this once-a-month, lively, email publication.

Your "reader ad" in the DTG Newsletter will carry your title, burst, (approx 25 or so words) and a direct link to your web page. Newsletters are later published in the Design Center site for archive purposes.
HALF OFF 2nd Month HALF OFF for the second month!

checkNOTE: rates are based on previous month's mailing, since numbers do fluctuate. Our March, 2011 newsletter was viewed by just under 31,000 readers -- so for April, you would pay $300. (It's dipped as low as 22K, and seldom goes higher than 47K.)



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