CREATIVE: Spring brings fresh design and design students portfolios

by Fred Showker

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Graphic Design: Now in Production

Designing women who use Photoshop . . . Adobe Masters

The Nike swoosh, the Playboy rabbit and the Facebook lowercase 'F' in a blue square are recognized everywhere.
      The exhibition illustrating how designers use color, typography, images, symbols and more to make objects come alive with meaning, spanning two venues, just a couple blocks away from each other, opened Feb. 1, 2013.
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Bop Design Announces Tips for Working with Graphic Designers

Designing women who use Photoshop . . . Adobe Masters

A monthly survey by the National Federation of Independent Business says that small business owners are feeling less optimistic about expanding their businesses or hiring new employees, as reported by Heesun Wee on CNBC.
      According to Bop Design, a San Diego web design agency, this suggests that small businesses may be looking more to freelancers or contractors for the marketing services they need, such as graphic design.
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