Creative Tidbits #209: body painting, Photoshop filters, type and typography and more

by Fred Showker

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Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration It's summer time and a great time for some body painting! That's really interesting but also enjoy the first female typographer, Prince's logo disks, and the Photoshop Newspaper filter ... it's a good time to get creative news and inspiration

  • The Legend of Prince's Font Symbol Floppy Disks
  • The Body Painting Art, craft and graphic design
  • Yet another anatomy-of-type discovered
  • Newspaper Photo Photoshop Action
  • The First Female Typographer
  • Body Painting Arts

The Body Painting Art, craft and graphic design

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Art allows expression of the person within. Individual feelings appear in many forms such as music, theatre, poetry and painting among others. Body painting is a highly personal display that brings life from beyond the canvas.
      It conveys not only beauty in design but the oneness of that design with the model and the artist.
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Body Painting Arts

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A huge boost for the summer, get your paint brushes ready! Cangkul, the author of the Body Painting Blog writes :
      Body painting is an art that uses the human body as a canvas. It is a form of painting pictures or spreading colours on human body to look is pleasant to the eyes of the viewers. -- Body Painting -- Female or Male!
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The Legend of Prince's Font Symbol Floppy Disks

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We've all been following the continuing news stories surrounding the death of music legend Prince (Or, the 'artist formally known as Prince') . . . but did you know bout the symbol?
      In 1993, Prince frustrated lawyers and computer users when he changed his name to a glyph known as "The Love Symbol." This was frustrating for people who wanted to both speak and write about Prince. Writers, editors, and layout designers wouldn't be able to type the actual name of the Artist Formerly Known As Prince. So Prince had a custom-designed font distributed on a floppy disk.
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The First Female Typographer

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I had this on the docket to publish as part of our "Designing Women" celebration, but somehow it slipped through the cracks and only turned up today.
      In the fifteenth century women had few career opportunities. Their options were very limited and pessimistically and perhaps a little exaggeratedly summed up by Sherrill Cohen, who wrote that medieval women faced just three options: ‘marriage, monasticism, and prostitution.’ ... but here's the REST of the story, about Anna Rügerin, who published two folio editions in the summer of 1484
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Yet another anatomy-of-type discovered

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Ever since I published the first digital "Anatomy of Type" in 1986 as part of our "Monster Fonts" public domain collection, I've always noted dozens of "new" anatomies of type to appear ... they're usually pretty good, and usually just about exactly like mine!
      This one from Typography Deconstructed (a division of 38pages, LLC) takes a single-page scroll, dictionary approach -- but it's done "blog" fashion in WordPress so people can comment! Some of the comments are entertining, and the page scrolls on and on . . . You can download the poster for $45.
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Newspaper Photo Photoshop Action

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The author of this story writes :
      Hi, my name is Jared Throne and I’m a graphic designer working in Richmond, VA. I’ve been working professionally in design since 2010 and I love designing just about anything. I’ve designed brands, websites, print materials, vehicle wraps, television commercials, mobile applications, t-shirts, stickers, packaging, posters, magazines advertisements,
      Make your high resolution photos look like newspaper print, both in grey scale or a burnt sepia tone, download and add this to your photoshop add-ons collection. This effect is really easy to use as it is created in photoshop action, just one click to get the retro look! Thanks to Jared Throne who generously bringing us this freebie! if you love his work, make sure to go visit her website and portfolio for more of her beautiful works and projects! Format: ATN File Size: 1.12 KB
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