Creative Tidbits #225: Signatura, Logos, InfoGraphics, Art Photos, PSD GIFs and more!

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Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration What's more fun than Cinemagraphic GIF files, moving? Well, we've got those, along with another free font and some art photography you can enjoy. I've provided a link to see all the images as thumbnails too! Along with that we see another of those "minimal" logo collections -- are they really logos? We'll see, and we'll have a great time this this issue.

  • 85 Great Art Photography Examples For Inspiration
  • How To Create GIF Using Adobe Photoshop?
  • InfoGraphics components you might like
  • Signatura Monoline Free Typeface
  • 10 Free Minimal Vector Logos

Signatura Monoline Free Typeface

Creative Tidbits for 2017

I'm Freelance graphic designer. Love everything about graphic design, Illustration and Lettering. Signatura Monoline Free Typeface features 266 glyphs and 86 alternate character contain with opentype features. Stylistic Alternates, Standart Ligature and more.
      Do NOT download from the site, because there are intermediate sites when you click, and one of those attempted to load malware on our computer! (Thank goodness we use Macs!) A link is provided below.
Creative inspiration Ian Mikraz

10 Free Minimal Vector Logos

Creative Tidbits for 2017

When is a logo not a logo? In the internet world people have come to calling some pretty stupid things "logos" ... 80% of the talking heads in the design industry these days are confused as to what a logo actually is. The new generation seems to have blurred the lines between the terms and definitions of graphic design. Some of these are logos. Some are not. Bart, from Poland, is still learning the craft and has done a swell job presenting these samples, and a monumental job with 100 others!
      Bart Wesolek gladly present you 10 Free Minimal Vector Logo! Many hours spent on drawing, hospital matching fonts and finding inspiration. If you want to find out more about his projects, then make sure to visit his page!
Creative inspiration Bart Wesolek ~ Poland
Photoshop Tips & Tricks Here's a better look
GO Also see Bart's 100 Logos in Two Weeks

85 Great Art Photography Examples For Inspiration

Creative Tidbits for 2017

The author of this blog "Dzine" scowers the web and scrapes content into it's own site for "inspiration" ... here's a good example, where he's collected a pile of nice photographs. I recommend using your quitet surfing "Reader" icon to scroll this site . . . the author writes :
      While people with smartphones have started considering themselves as the photographers just because they can click pictures whenever they want, photography still remains to be a an art. Today, more and more people are also buying DSLR cameras. Once they have a high-end camera, they begin to believe they are the best photographer in the world. But photography is not just being able to push the button. It is so much more.
Creative inspiration
Photoshop Tips & Tricks Here's a Google catalog you can actually just click the thumbnails!

InfoGraphics components you might like

Creative Tidbits for 2017

The Nerd has posted some of his Infographics Samples on a Behance page. We thought they were interesting and might be an idea starter. But c'mon ... there should be a lot more diversity there.
      The Nerd is involved with Graphic Design Illustration Creative Direction
Creative inspiration The Nerd
Photoshop Tips & Tricks see more . . .

How To Create GIF Using Adobe Photoshop?

Creative Tidbits for 2017

GIF is a popular name when we talk about pictures in motion. It is a lossless format that supports static as well as animated images. GIFs are nowadays very popular on Social Media such as Facebook as they are very engaging when we talk about small video content and have very small file size compared to a video file
      Here, they list few steps through which you can easily create animated GIFs using Adobe Photoshop.
Creative inspiration
Photoshop Tips & Tricks A tutorial for our image above "Bubbles" is at :

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