Creative Tidbits #203: Infographics, bold characters, Nazis, Web Design and more

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Creative tidbits

Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration Here's a great shot in the arm for your creative jumpstart into spring. Be sure not to miss the video for Jason Seiler's works, it's very good. We also have several good cartooners and some innovative 3D printing in part two of March / April Creative Tidbits . . . have fun. Don't forget to send in your discoveries too!

  • How did Obamas Change the White House with Contemporary Art ?
  • You're going to enjoy Jason Seiler's works
  • The Anatomy of a Winning Website Design
  • In Spain, Falangist Means Fascist

The Anatomy of a Winning Website Design

graphic design and typography

Eye-catching, on-brand color schemes. Big, bold images. Striking headlines.
      These are all important parts of great website design. After all, they're what can make or break a new site visitor's first impression of your site. But what about the more nitty-gritty parts of great website design -- like helpful navigation menus, strong calls-to-action, and indicators of website security and trust?
Here's the Full Story Full story : Lindsay Kolowich - HubSpot
Fred Showker's Creative Tidbits Here is a more complete sampler

In Spain, Falangist Means Fascist

graphic design and typography

During its civil war, Spain’s Falange Española Tradicionalista y de las Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional Sindicalista, or Falangism, founded by José Antonio Primo de Rivera, was a fascist ideology, which, along with the Carlist nationalist party, merged into the Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional-Sindicalista (J.O.N.S) and adopted the yoke and arrows symbol.
      It was Spain’s equivalent of Germany’s swastika. It had geometrical simplicity, warlike symbolism and an historical backstory -- One of our favorites, Steven Heller spells it out!
Here's the Full Story Full story : Steven Heller - Falangist Fascists
Fred Showker's Creative Tidbits Here is a very cool cover design

How did Obamas Change the White House with Contemporary Art ?

graphic design and typography

Well, we all know that abstract art has made a big comeback on the art market, but how many of you know that abstractionism is also the favorite style of the presidential couple Barack and Michelle Obama?
      Unlike his forbearers, Barack Obama seems to be tired of looking at all those boring landscapes and stuffy portraits and that is why he decided to bring some excitement into the White House collection.
Here's the Full Story Full story :
Fred Showker's Creative Tidbits Here is a single room view

graphic design and typography

Jason Seiler is a Chicago based artist who began his professional career in a rather unorthodox way. After getting in trouble for drawing parodies of his history teacher in high school, Jason’s quick-thinking principle hired him to draw portraits of different faculty members.
      Jason’s work has been exhibited all over the world, in every publication, and most recently has become an "Adobe" poster child. His ability to actually "see" the subject, and then communicate what he sees is extraordinary!
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Fred Showker's Creative Tidbits Here are hundreds of Jason's creations
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