Creative Update #164: Type, lettering, illustration and design for 2014

by Fred Showker

Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative instpiration Here we go into 2014 our 24th year online and our 26th year publishing DTG Magazine. Creative inspiration is what jogs you off your stagnent creative block. See some of these and join us each week for another creative discovery tour ... here we go: creative 2013 Best of 2013: Top Tips, Insights, and Tricks creative Tricks Here's the typography daily blog creative blog 3D Type Sculptures + Animationcreative Animation Professionals vs. Amateurs creative Amateurs The Design Federationcreative Supersized Painting Supersized
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Here's the typography daily blog

Creative Inspiration January

Well, we cannot seem to discover much about the background of this site, or its owner, but they've got some swell stuff for anyone who likes type and typography.
      The site is the work of Mirko Humbert, a 4-year graphic & web designer from Switzerland.
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Painting Supersized

Creative Inspiration January

We have really been enjoying the works of Elizabeth Baddeley a freelance illustrator based in New York City... not surprised? She worked for 5 years at Hallmark Cards and as a senior designer at Barkley Advertising in Kansas City! See this, but also cruise her entire site!
      See how she got to interpret one of her illustrations into a huge format ... Elizabeth writes : This was the first mural I've ever completed (or begun for that matter!). So I jumped in the only way I knew how, with gridding off my design. From there I just began to fill in with pre-determined, and pre-mixed colors I purchased at Home Depot. I used primarily Behr paint (the best in my opinion, worth the extra price). I bought 8 different colors in all, and mixed an addition 5 or 6.
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