An electronic display on any surface

New technology now enables mass printing of electronic display, with interactive capability to everyday aspects of retail, security, access -- on a variety of surfaces. A new facet for the graphic design field! April 5, 2010

PHYX Keyer for Adobe After Effects

PHYX Keyer is a new collection of keying plug-ins designed to work inside Adobe After Effects CS3 / CS4, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion and Apple Final Cut Express applications. March 22, 2010

DTG March 2010

March: Women's History Month issue -- Designing Women * Simulating Life * Women of Design * Tutorial: Build a grid in Photoshop * The perfect photo subject? * High dynamic range, HDR WOW * High Dynamic Range Photography * The Backchannel * The Risks of the Backchannel * 60-Seconds: Captions? If you post content * Preparing Raster Images * Mailbag: $5 back for Dummies * Photoshop: how smart are YOU * DTG Forums Hot Topics * Site of the Month: Kerstin Fossen ... &Else News, and much more February 28, 2010

Mac TV Studio

Boinx Software made a major update to its live-video production software, BoinxTV, that turns a Mac into a TV studio. The new version is optimized for Multicore-Macs and offers improved stability and performance. The update is free for all current BoinxTV users. February 26, 2010

Graphic Inspector

Graphic Inspector checks entire folders of graphic files for potential problems according to specific workflow requirements - the most exhaustive info on multiple images and vector graphics, saving the time and hassle of checking them manually. January 24, 2010

Edit tabular data on the Mac

Here's a tabular data file editor tool for Mac OS X that is an inexpensive, lightweight, fast, flexible, and powerful delimited tabular file editor. It is perfectly suited for working with tabular files, such as comma-sparated-value or tab-delimited formats. December 29, 2009

InDesign automated output

BatchOutput was developed for one of the largest Canadian ad agencies -- now you can take advantage of this utility to output multiple files, single page output, link auto-update, variable file names and other functions you need in InDesign. December 17, 2009

DTG News for November

This Month: in DTG News: * DTG Forums: Cafe & Photoshop 911 * Negative Space: nothing says a lot * Designing Spaces * Logos: of Negative Space * Parkol: graphic design & negative space * Negative Space: the book * Photoshop Tutorial: Brushed Silver Text Effect * Beyond Digital Photography * 60-Seconds: Twitter Tweet Jerks * Elements Plus filters, masks and more * Photo idea: Photo Tent Layout * Time Billing for Freelancers * Dutch Skies 360 DVD * Photoshop: 911 tip of the month, Slicing * Fun & Games: Thweet Tweets... * November opening the holidays November 1, 2009

ArtOptimizer for Illustrator

ArtOptimizer will reduce Illustrator job size and speed up processing by eliminating excess image data and performing essential image adjustments October 29, 2009

DTG News October 09

This Month: DTG News features: FALL FONTS FEST * October Surf's Up for Fonts * Delicious typography discoveries * Michael Doret: Deliscript Font * Typography: Cooper Misunderstood * Photoshop: Stock Images in Collages * Visual Proofreading: 10 Rules * William Morris: Art Nouveau Style * Drew Struzan * So you think you can Helvetica? * Photoshop: Photoshop 911 tip of the month * Jade Plugin for Adobe Photoshop * The Faces of Design Awards 2010 * Mailbag: Augmented Reality revisited * 60 Seconds: The Internet's Last Day October 1, 2009