Is it worth 13-bucks to get your print colors to always match your screen colors?

Fred Showker

Digital Color

matching print to screen color investing in your color management is always a good investment -- particularly when you can see your color selections in print. During my DGEF Creative Layout Techniques seminars one of the most frequent questions from attendees was how do your get the print color to look like the screen color? That's always been one of the tough nuts to crack -- and my answer and solution to ALL those screen to print color woes was : See it in print. Period. There is no monitor, and no software that will satisfy your color eye. If this was available then, this would have been what I would recommend.

yellows and adjaceent colors
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For under thirteen bucks, this digital color palette reference provides you with over 1,000 professional-quality, downloadable combinations of 3-, 4-, and 5-colors

Monochromatic Reds
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You get the most essential layouts from Monochromatic Combinations to Complementary Hues and Adjacent Hues. The color layouts are all explained.

Monochromatic violets
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Each palette features component recipes for both CMYK and RGB versions. ASE, TIF, and PNG file formats are included for all combinations. On the CD, you merely open the file indexed, and drop into Photoshop, Illustrator or any of dozens of other imaging programs to get the exact mumeric color.

coverYou really cannot risk color guesses if there's money involved! Print jobs can cost thousands our of YOUR pocket if you blow the color! Do yourself a favor and protect yourself with this affordable graphic design tool.

Digital Color Index
      by Alan Weller
      brought to you by the Dover Clip Art Design Tools collection
      Paperback: 240 pages, English, 6.4 x 0.7 x 8.2 inches
      Buy now for just $12.49

Have fun!
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